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S05.E17: Chapter Ninety-Eight

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Awww, I love that Luisa was the one who saved Jane and Rafael! I'm so glad that Rose is dead so that Luisa is finally free. There's nothing like being stalked by your creepy ex who refuses to accept no as an answer.

I wonder why Jane didn't offer to change Michael's name in her book when Charlie initially objected. The people who already know Jane obviously know it's Michael, but any readers would not need to know his real name which would protect his privacy.

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I've always wanted Jane to get to punch or slap Rose just once or push her down the stairs or something. C'mon it's a telenovela! Having said that, I love that Luisa finally stood up to Rose and moved on. I'm so proud of her. And nice rooftop save by Raf. Best one since Veronica Mars season 2. I mean, I'm upset that we didn't get Jane and Michael defeating Sin Rostro, but I can't deny that I cheered when the Solanos stepped up. At first, I thought Luisa was serious about the cyanide and she was gonna kill both of them with it (which would've been heroic and melodramatically awesome), but the callback to previous deaths was good. I am glad that Jane got to tell Rose off at least. This was the most screen time they've had together right? At least Rose got Jane an extra $475 grand.

I did like that they had Michael say he would love Jane forever. I'm Team Michael, and I need their love acknowledged even if they aren't together because of contrived reasoning to break them up to put her with Rafael everything they've been through. I also could've used a scene between Rose and Michael since there's a part of me that still thinks part of the reason she didn't kill him was because she came to genuinely like him when they were partners, and I'm very mad at her for screwing up his life.

The CW is losing their best female crier. Gina Rodriguez played Jane's fear so well. And I kind of love that Rose is so terrifying that she doesn't even have to brandish a weapon or have any kind of proof of her threats to be intimidating.

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