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Hulu just pulled a fast one on everyone and released the entire season a week early, so episode threads are unlocked, please remember to not spoil future episodes in the episode threads.


Your Mods, @Athena and @Lisin


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For newer users or newer fans of VM, back in 2017/2018 there was a ptv podcast called Go Pirates that was a rewatch of the first two seasons of VM, the threads relating to the podcast have now been renamed with PODCAST in front so new viewers/posters know they aren't "normal" the episode threads. Additionally they've been tagged with the spoilers tag indicating that within those topics you are likely to be spoiled for events that take place beyond the episode topic you are in.

The "normal" episode topics still are "spoiler free" zones meaning spoilers for future episodes should either be avoided completely or at minimum spoiler tagged. 

Because the podcast did not continue on to cover season 3 there is also a "In Lieu of Podcast" season 3 topic which is discussion of season 3 as a whole with the podcasters. 

Because of the PTV/Primetimer merger the existing podcast links are all dead. You can find the podcast wherever you find podcasts normally but sadly I believe the visual aids are lost to time. 

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