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Bluff City Law in the Media

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I'm disappointed that this show has been cancelled or again, "not ordering anymore episodes".  Catering to the younger, coveted demographic (18-39 isn't it) is not always the best solution or a wise decision.  I think this show needed a chance but 10 episodes in and they've decided "no more" is ludicrous.  I don't think this show received the promotion as others have received; the 10 pm on Monday could also be problematic, especially if you don't watch The Voice (I've stopped watching it) or you're a Monday night football fan. 

Jimmy Smits is a class actor and was so happy to see him return to TV.   Because this is somewhat smartly written & intelligent--guess it can't compete with the plethora of reality shows and just plain, bad soap operas that are currently on virtually every channel.   Since I'm a baby boomer, my opinion clearly doesn't count.  I enjoyed this show, felt it had promise and will miss it. 

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