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[Resolved] Content I have not posted in showing up in "Content I Have Posted In"

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A minor, but weird bug, but I wanted to report it in case it's happening to anyone else.

One of the ways I typically browse the forums is by going to "Unread Content" and filtering by "Content i Have Posted In". But about two days ago, a thread from a forum I have never even visited - much less posted in - has shown up in the stream.

I have no idea how or why this happened. The thread in question has the icon showing that I have posted in that thread, but there is no post from me actually there. No one else had physical access to the computer I use to visit the site.

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Yeah, that's strange. As it's an isolated incident as far as I'm aware, I'm going to put it down to glitchy weirdness. If it happens again please let me know.

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