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Jerry Gergich : Larry Gergich

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Random thought that I want to get out there, just in case I end up being right: The gang will keep giving Terry new names right up through the series finale, when they finally start calling him... Gary. Gary will smile with satisfaction, knowing that all is right in the world. Then he will trip over something and fart probably.


Anyway, he's the worst. Such a Larry.

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The gang will keep giving Terry new names right up through the series finale, when they finally start calling him... Gary.

How many more rhyming options are there? Barry, Carey, Harry, Perry, and, uh, maybe Mary or Sherry. I guess that's plenty, though.

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As much as I love this show, I don't think I'll ever understand why the writers think the Garry/Terry/Larry jokes are funny. They were indeed somewhat enjoyable at first but after a while, the gag became stale, juvenile, and just plain mean.

I know I shouldn't be so darn sensitive and I realize this is a comedy but it's the one aspect of the show I've vehemently hated and has somewhat ruined my enjoyment. In fact, it has made me grow to slightly resent a few characters, particularly April (I'll save my thoughts about that hateful piece of work for another time). I hate that even Leslie joins in on that nonsense.

I definitely don't mind certain characters being the target of jokes (it works really well for Scully/Hitchcock on Brooklyn 99 and Jonah on Veep) but Garry is such a kind sweetheart (albeit a bit dopey) that it comes across as bizarre and cruel on an otherwise pleasant show. Above all, it's just plain unfunny (which is perhaps the more egregious "offense" on a comedy).

With that said, it does make me happy that Garry has a stunningly gorgeous wife and does seem to have a terrific home life. Of all the characters, I think I like seeing him triumph the most so I thoroughly enjoyed those sweet moments with Donna this season and his glee upon becoming mayor. Hope he gets a really happy endng during the finale!

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After the latest episode I was thinking about the Gary character and there is one thing that struck me as really interesting. I am not sure he was planned like this, but he is kind of the opposite of a very typical stock sitcom character. So many sitcoms have the character who is a totally selfish, self-centered asshole. Who would ever want to be friends with Barney Stinson, or Pierce Hawthorne or Tracy Jordan or Michael Scott? But so many shows have characters like that. Gary is pretty much the exact opposite. He is super nice, and a selfless/giving person, yet everyone totally hates him.

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ITA with those who think that the treatment of Jerry is the worst aspect of this show. For starters, it's unfunny. Granted, I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't find Parks especially clever or funny in general---but I DO find it sweet, engaging, uplifting, warmhearted, positive etc., and the treatment of Jerry is pretty much the antithesis of everything that the show usually does so well. It's just this tiresome, repetitive, dopey and mean spirited "Oh, Jerry/Gary/Larry, we're totally treating you like you're the worst even though the audience knows you're not!" thing over and over. 

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