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Donna Meagle: Treat Yo'self!

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I'm rewatching...slowwwwy...like molasses.


anyway, i just watched 'Gin it Up' Season 6: Ep 5..ie the one where Typhoon aka Norman reveals Donna's mean spirited locked Tweets about Leslie to Jamm, and he reveals them after a gaffe where Donna uses the Parks and Rec office twitter accidentally to tweet about her love of fireman butts or something.


I know I'm overanalyzing this but like...did anyone else not buy the locked tweets? It's hard to believe Donna would be unsavvy enough to rant about her well-known boss anywhere connected to her name.  also it's hard to imagine she has that much ire about leslie, but then i try to think what it would be like to have Leslie as a boss or even friend, and ...

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I just saw the last season netflix and they really gave Donna a chance to shine. I especially liked how she spent time with Jerry and brought him oranges for breakfast juice. It was nice to see her show the man some respect since everyone else was just mean to him.

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