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[Not A Bug] Firefox + Android + PTV


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I am one of the users having issues with getting a black screen when accessing pages on PTV will my android phone and Chrome. I recently discovered this is a bug in Chrome mobile version 72.0.3626.121 (and a couple other versions as well) and it won't be fixed until the next update mid-April.

So, I decided to download Firefox mobile (version 65.0.1) and that resolved my problem with black screens, but other issues are cropping up, specifically when writing posts that include quoted posts.

If I highlight a block of text to remove it (cut), "cut" doesn't appear in the pop up menu:


Then, when I try to insert the cursor below the quote box (or below an uploaded photo, as I just discovered when creating THIS post), the screen jumps to the top of the post editor box:


Am I forced to choose between black screens (Chrome) or wonky post editors (Firefox)?

Please say it ain't so! 😉


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I never received a notification this issue received a reply, hence my failure to respond may have indicated the issue was resolved and the topic was closed.

David, you asked if "cut" appears in the extended menu. It does not. I've added a screenshot of what the extended menu shows.

Clicking the left-pointing arrow below the words "Google search" takes you back to the original three options; Copy, Share, Select All.

I am using Firefox on an android phone, BTW. So why these options are available when I access PTV with Chrome and not Firefox is a mystery. (I'm using Firefox because of the black screen issue when I use Chrome, which apparently is a Chrome issue. Google is aware of this bug and it's affecting browsing websites other than PTV, too).Screenshot_20190322-080830.thumb.png.e7d0dd6545869f97af67089c90a0ab88.png

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