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Docuseries on Netflix

In a "winning is everything" society, how do we handle failure? This series profiles athletes who have turned the agony of defeat into human triumph.

I have only watched two the first one about a boxer I had never heard of and Surya Bonaly who I loved watching skate when I was skating and I really enjoyed both of them. Now off to watch the curling episode! 

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I’ve watched three, the Torquay soccer, curling, and the Jean van de Velde British Open meltdown, and have mixed reactions:

The curling one was excellent and taught you something about the sport and its culture.

The Torquay one was a bit silly and focused in on just one incident, plus


They didn’t lose!

I was annoyed at the golf one when I realized they failed to get any of the video of his play and resorted to animation of the whole event! Maybe the video was too expensive to obtain? Anyway, I thought it really hurt the narrative on that one and I might as well be listening to a podcast.

I also thought that the animation was overused in a silly manner in all three films, working best in the explanations of the rules and strategy of curling.

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While I enjoyed the series, I thought it was very hit or miss. Hits for me? Curling and Surya Bonaly. They both tried to change their sport. van der Velde I enjoyed because  I remember watching that round live and he was so candid in his interviews much like Surya and the curlers. 

Big failure? The Ryan basketball ep. Lots of street ballers do that arc. He just happened to be white. 

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