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Dark Matter

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From Joseph Malozzi's Blog


So next week, I’m going to switch gears to concentrate on delivering the pilot script for my (hitherto) Untitled Awesome Project.  As mentioned in previous blog entries, it’s tonally and thematically similar to DARK MATTER.  So much so that a crossover could be theoretically possible (provided the pieces fall into place – aka everyone plays ball) somewhere down the line.  It would be nice to check in with the Raza crew for an episode (or potential two-parter).  Have the new gang cross paths with the old gang.  Of course, there’s absolutely no guarantee they’ll play nicely together.

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It sucks that this show never got to finish.  Highly underrated.   Loved all the characters especially Five and The Android (Edited to add Zoie Palmer is my favorite Canadian actress)  and the concept itself was really interesting.   Bad guys wake up with no memory of who and what they are and with their pasts catching up with them forcing them to decide once and for all who they really are.   

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