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The Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte

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2 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I had to google this show after seeing the title! If you are on the fence about whether you want to watch it (I haven't yet), this recap may convince you one way or another.

I'm watching every Monday!  The show is so fucking bad, it's almost brilliant!  And production values suddenly went way up in the fourth episode.

I am wondering about why they are sidechicks do these do-nothing men.  Isn't the point of being a sidepiece is to either be with a great guy (looks, money, something going for him)?  Cuz these dudes are as sad as the sidechicks' weave game.

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18 hours ago, DrivingSideways said:

The title of this has me hooked.  What channel does it come on, is it local to Charlotte only?  I've been looking around and can't find info.

It's on YouTube, they have a channel under the title of the show.  

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