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Monique Heart: Where other queens have a large repertoire of drag to choose from, I came to this competition with glitter and Jesus

Gia Gunn: Drag was the gateway for me to realize that I am not a man that dresses up as a woman. I'm a woman that participates in the art of drag.

Gia: [Monique Heart's outfit] may look similar to mine but there's a big difference. Mine is couture and hers is just hot glue.

Gia: I saw you on Botched.
Trinity: Yes, you did.
Gia: I just saw a monster. I said, "That's my sister."

Trinity: Gia's not the same person [as before]. She's worse!

Monet X. Change: Manila Luzon - emphasis on "lose." Twice.

Trinity: If you're asking asking the shady question, why don't you answer first?

Jenifer Lewis: Leave that nervous shit at home. It's boring!

Monique: Feelings are not fact. We cannot let the way we feel determine how we act.

Latrice: Why can't you keep your hair on, girl?

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