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Hey all!  This is a reminder that not all viewers of Dirty John may have listened to the podcast or read the news stories. We're going to do specific threads for each episode aired, and it's going to be hard, but we'd like to try and avoid spoilers for future events within the episode threads. Many viewers of this show may be unfamiliar with all the details of the story, and we don't want to spoil things for those who are unaware of what comes next. Also, I'm not sure whether the story is going to deviate at all - this isn't a documentary, after all. So if you're talking about how things happened differently, make sure you're only talking about the episode happenings, and not straying into the future.

If you're not sure whether something is a spoiler or not, please put it in spoiler tags to avoid accidental reveals! Always err on the side of tagging!

There's also a thread to discuss the podcast, so that those who want to talk about the whole thing, can!

Any questions, you can contact your friendly neighbor mods, @Aethera and @Door County Cherry.

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