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S01.E03: Three's A Crowd

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Justin and Danny's relationship is put to the test when Nicki reveals she has feelings for Danny. Elsewhere, Leslie insults Detroit not realizing how deeply it would affect Shelly.



Okay, I need to see how affected Shelly is...

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I can't believe they went there so soon with Justin and Nicki, or how happy it made me when they did. I think it was a smart move, like when NewsRadio put Dave and Lisa together in episode 2. Refreshing that they didn't drag it out.


I just like this show. All the reviews promised the first episodes were the weakest and it progressively got better, and I think that's definitely proving to be the case.

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This episode had what more Funches, which is a way good thing. He had some great lines. I liked how they all got together to convince Shelly to get over his upset with Danny's sister over her slam of Detroit. And Danny (who I came in to this primed to hate, and trust me, I still don't like him), well, him helping Nicki and Justin get together.

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I didn't really care for mean Shelly (and I really like Ron Funches).


Can't stand Chris D'Elia -- his schtick just seems so forced.


And the laugh track is terrible -- I don't see a live audience laughing at most of these cringeworthy lines.

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