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Blind Journey/Welcome to Olesonville

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I thought there was a topic of ML's inconsistencies on the show.

Yesterday, an episode was shown out of order, 'Welcome to Olseonville', was shown right after the episode where Mary Adam were married, today the episode where the blind school moves to Walnut Grove, otherwise I may not have noticed this.

Rev. Alden suggests donating Lars Hansen's home to be used as the blind school since Hanson left it to the church & he's not been able to sell it.  We all know what happened to the Harriet Oleson School for the Blind.

A, few years later,  Welcome to Olesnville, Harriet and family begin cleaning Lars Hansen's old house, where Harriet finds bonds under a broken step, which gives her major control of Walnut Grove.

So,, this magic mansion must have come back from the ashes!

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You might be thinking of this Thread  ALTSO.

But yeah, the writing was all over the place with this series. There was the vague Albert death episodes. And we had the strange situation with Royal’s family (first the two bratty sons who disappeared, then were replaced by Jenny). It’s like the producers contracted the scripts out to 5 year olds at the local preschool :D

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