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  1. Profcrash, I agree, Shan, Ricard and Liana do seem kind the type who do not appreciate a good advantage/idol play, unless, of course, it's one they stole from someone else, lol
  2. I actually stopped watching 2nd week, but have been following on here. I thought I had missed something big when Big D said he carried Azah the whole season, I was waiting for some clips of what he had done to keep her safe. I guess production could not find any. Ky's exit reminded me of Howie in season 7 when he went after Boogie.
  3. I have made the big mistake of rewatching the original seasons on Paramount Plus. I have totally lost interest and respect for this season after watching the masters!
  4. I was confused, they kept saying Georgie Porgie lived in DC but he really lived in Virginia. When I was a kid, my dad was a government rep for a pharmaceutical company, we lived about 30 minutes out of DC in Virginia but I would never say we lived in DC. Odd that Georgie's boxes were all packed, ready to go. And, seemed as if he had more "donate" than "keep". What kind of info are D&S hoping to find from Georgie's friends? Why attack him in front his friends? And for Florian to get involved and start yelling "your wife not happy!". This group never fails to give laughs!
  5. I told Mr.ToStandOn that he should have pulled a Cody and stomped across the coffee table, lol! Brent wanted so badly to act like he knew this was going to happen, but, well, he acted badly! His "mental" was not in full gear
  6. Chyromaniac, I'm from Deerfield, Woodfield was the closest mall to us. But, I agree, I always say I'm from Chicago. We use to claim Sara Lee Bakery in Deerfield, but most have never heard of it. I defend saying I'm "from Chicago" since I was born there. Oh! I cried when Ty was sent home! Especially when Joseph said "it should have been me."
  7. Ok, I'm showing my age again after my previous UniBomber comment, but... like the VCR clocks! It use to drive me nuts when people had the clocks blinking on their VCR's. I would say "set you clock!", they'd say "We can't figure out how to set it", "Give me your remote, I'll set it for you", impressed a lot of people with that knowledge! Why was it a big deal Georgie had a $1800.00 stuffed in a sock? I have more than that in all of my piggy banks. Their friend said "ohhh! That's a red flag". Does he have a full accounting of all of Darcy's finances?
  8. He looks like the Uni Bomber (for those old enough to remember who he was), lol! That modeling shoot! Who ever said they guy had model qualities? Maybe because it was Darcy was standing there barking orders at him but he looked like a stiff piece of cardboard in awful clothes!
  9. I cannot believe two actually voted out their own team member! French Fry really got in their heads!
  10. Kalani can't get an 8 hour a day job, she's up all night nursing her the kids! I loved when Yara and Family Jovi were at the airport and Yara spotted Jovi and whispered "Jovi!".
  11. From what I understood, Natalie decided she wanted to stay in a hotel in Seattle the night before, which makes sense if they're a distance from the hospital. Mike then said they had an argument about "OklahomaGate" again and Natalie was not willing to let it go. She said she was going to her friends house (I think the one they had dinner with) so left the hotel. Mike thought she was coming back to the hotel, it looked like production drove him. It was interesting that the doctor called Mike post surgery, that means she was expecting him to be there. I am sure he was not allowed in the ho
  12. I have not sat down and watched this show in years. I thought Khloe's and Kylie's babies were still infants, lol. But, if they had not said they was Kylie coming into the house, I would have never known it. She looks so horribly fake! I saw a commercial the other day for some prescription drug, I don't even know that it was for. Khloe did the commercial. After watching some of the past episodes E has been showing, she is totally unrecognizable from her former self.
  13. I noticed something odd about Anny's mouth also, especially when she said "Kalani and Asuelo" (excuse spelling, probably wrong) but it was kind of endearing also. I did not like her in their original season but do like them now. I do not like Rebecca at all, did not like her on her season, really dislike her on PT. I know a woman who heavily filters all of her pictures. I had never met her in person. Mr. ToStandOn and I were at a function a while back, this woman came up & acted like she knew me. After she walked away, I asked hubby who she was. He said "that's Joanne, I thought you
  14. Yes! For some reason, I remember Ronald picking Father Tiffany up at his hotel/casino and there being a discussion about whether that would set Ronald off.
  15. I'm so glad to hear others talk about their sleeping arrangements. Been married for 30 years. Mr. ToStandOn snores like a monster! He thrashes in bed. He likes the ceiling fan on. I do not move a muscle when I sleep, wake up in the same exact position I fell asleep in. I am highly claustrophobic and cannot handle being in a dark, quiet room. I cannot handle air blowing on me. I start out in the bedroom and move to the living room. Had extensive foot surgery a couple of weeks ago and cannot even get up into the bed, so I'm just sleeping on the sofa.
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