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  1. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I'm not a Sandra fan. I liked her a bit better last season as a mento. Her starting out this season with the Queen Sandra bit was old and very immature for a woman her age. I felt her 2nd win was handed to her because of the Russell hate. I was disappointed Cochran chose not to return. I read an article where he said he was past this now. Sorry to see Amber go. Was not sorry to see Natalie go. She really bugged me her season.
  2. I thought she was the bio mom but the way it was emphasized that Sperm Man was the bio dad & he and his wife should be raising the baby made me think that maybe a donated fertilized egg was implanted. Whenever it was mentioned that he was the biological father & the baby had his DNA, the other couple kind of looked nervous, like they had no biological connection to the baby. I was waiting for Benny to say "she's the biological mother and has just as much right." Just my take on it.
  3. I guess what I was not fully understanding, wasn't the woman the biological mother?
  4. Yes, we do. When I suggested he leash his dog per the leash law, I was called a few choice names after being told that his dog is trained and will come on command and has no need for a leash. Trying to positively reason with him and not make him feel defensive, I said 'as well trained as our dogs may be, they are still dogs and may have a momentary slip when they see a cat, plus, without a leash, you have no control if you encounter a coyote', which we have being we are next to a golf course and the river bottom. He told me to mind my own business, in not so nice words. That's when I called the police, He has since moved. Some people! I feel for your neighbor.
  5. As the owner of a small dog, these cases always break my heart. I know someone who is related to this epuside yorkie owner. It was a horrible situation. I could not believe when the male defendant said his "lab/pit" mix was the miniature variety and weighed less than 25 lbs. I have seen pictures of this dog. Looks full pit & I am guessing 60 lbs plus, in addition to being very muscular. She said the worst part was the woman walking the pit bull has no remorse whatsoever. Due to a neighbor who claims to have enough control over their pit bull so there is no need to walk him on a leash, I no longer take my girls for walks.
  6. I guess yesterday was the last episode of My Three Sons. Steve's boss comes to him with problems he is having with their 16 year old son. Boss & Boss Wife decide Steve & Barbara are the perfect parents & want advice. I don't know why it irritated me so much, but why is Barbara accepting credit for raising Ernie?! The only MTS characters in this whole episode are Steve, Barbara, Ernie, then Uncle Charlie & Katie for a few seconds. I don't think they knew the show was going to be canceled. So, that means this morning was the very first episode. This means the 'Forgotten Oldest Son', no Ernie and Bub instead of Uncle Charlie.
  7. Regarding Blake & Jazmin, if I'm remembering correctly, Jazmin & her sister had entered some lottery to move to US. Her sister won & Jazmin did not. How ironic she then connects with some guy who she has absolutely nothing in common with but lives down the street from sister. There is no attraction whatsoever. She has no interest in his lifestyle and he has no interest in hers. I have no idea how they were even approved for this visa.
  8. In the restaurant, her inflated lips barely made it around the straw. I know she is a fanatic about her makeup, but this was more like her lips could not form the 'O' necessary to drink from a straw. I just cannot stand it when Angela calls Maaakeeel's mother "Mama". I think Angela is older than Mama Maaakeeel. I cannot figure out what is on her chest. I thought it was a henna tattoo at first. I googled it and she did have botox on her face and chest. Some say it's lasar scarring. Whatever it is, why can she not wear a normal top? I am so glad the embassy laughed her out. I'm glad that there are those who can appreciate her personality but I cannot stand the woman. We have seen her verbally and physically abuse Maaakeeel. It really clenched it for me on the last Tell-Nothing. There's more I want to say but I've been fighting the flu, this wore me out. Auntie Anxiety: I am so very sorry to read you lost your fur baby. I know that pain too well.🐾💞🐾
  9. Congratulations on your little girl! I'm just wondering, even if Angela has insurance that would cover the procedure, would they approve it for a 54 year old woman who is a heavy smoker with one withered up old egg? And...I hate to sound naive, but would that egg still be hanging around?
  10. Was that before her Jenny Wilder days? I do think that was one I had seen, was it where they thought she was a boy at first?
  11. I have no idea why I said cocaine! Probably because I had my morphine pump filled yesterday, lol! Thanks, everyone!
  12. I was reading an article about the TV series of Waltons. Was surprised to find out Olivia was only 12 years older than John Boy! Also said that Michael Learned & Ralph Waite were actually very attracted to each other in real life. Watching the episode now where The Rev & The Teacher get married, Olivia is the sub teacher & John Boy was the sub Rev. I laughed so hard when Grandma was giving John Boy tips on preaching. The look on his face was hilarious
  13. I had read somewhere that she played Donna Martin's mom on 90210, you would never know, they looked nothing alike. I will need to check Netflix for additional episodes. One of the cable channels was showing it on weekends but must have stopped. I had no idea Donna Martin's mom was married to Almonzo! At first, I thought that guy was Freddy Krueger, lol! I do remember him being the guy wanting to shut down the orphanage on FM. I then remember he was on the episode of LHOTP where Albert was addicted to cocaine, he was the owner of the clothing store where Pa worked, he was evil in that, too!
  14. That was the article I had read before. I had also seen some recycled storylines on a show called Father Murphy, I think, had the guy whose wife, Alice, was killed in the blind school fire on LHOTP. I am not sure if that was a ML show. I have only seen a few episodes. Re: LIW red dress that she wore for years, I understand that it may be an expense to buy a new dress, but to me, it was odd that the very last episode, she was still wearing the same dress that was purchased when she was 15, after going through 2 pregnancies and losing every other posession when the Wilder homestead was destroyed in the tornado.
  15. I never watched LHOTP in its original run, started watching late 90's. It was just recently it clicked with me that 'Jenny' was 'Brenda' from 90210 and her dad on LHOTP was played by the chancellor from 90210!
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