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  1. alegtostandon

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    Wow, where or who to start with... Male Manicurist & Non Existant "Girlfriend"... he has sent her $40,000 over the years. He just sent her $2,000 to purchase a ticket... again... to "meet" him. Day before he leaves, receives a text in the morning saying she has not yet bought her ticket because she needs to get her hair, teeth, eyelashes done, maybe a butt lift, boob job, nose job, please send more money. When he lies & says there will be plenty of money for that stuff later (is he planning on robbing a bank?), she waits a bit & sends another text...'tomorrow is my mother's birthday, can't make it for another 2 weeks'. Some idiot client gives him the brilliant idea to purchase the ticket himself. This way, she can use that $2,000 to have all of her beauty work done. He cannot pay his rent or any of his bills, but he took her advice & bought the ticket, now she can't say no! Oh no, I bet in 2 weeks, it will be her father's birthday, another 2 week celebration, and by the way, she's already taken care of canceling the reservation & getting the refund. Ceaser is the female version of Nicole. Filter Woman and Greasy Hair Guy...ohhh, he gave me the creeps, the way he looks, the way he talks! Him puffing on that hookah, telling her he has had 1 previous girlfriend & got very angry when she talked to another guy... red flag alert! He looked huge in the bathrobe while standing on the balcony! Islam Girl, Mom & Dentist... what is it Islam Girl is trying to run away from? She is only 19! Is she planning on living in Syria or doing the K1 Visa? How could she financially qualify? She'll have to depend on mom. Oh, Darcy! As others have said, she looks like a low end street walker! That undergarment she was wearing did her no favors. And her James Bond... how weird is it that he has a picture...a naked picture at that, if Darcey's ex on his phone?
  2. alegtostandon

    Masterchef (US)

    I personally do not care if Subha is a chemical engineer, in the IT field, or Cigna employee. Regardless, he is not the idiot being portrayed on this show. Every dish he has broight up has been amazing. Even the team challenge where he was so heavily insulted turned out great. Was not impressed with the little piece of cake in a glass light fixture, the mixer pie (I honestly thought he was going to say he ran out of time & could not plate) or the scallops in a shell...I see those in the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe's. You could tell Barbie Bri thought for sure she was the winner. These have to be "group desserts". I certainly hope they scrub the table down before they begin smearing food all over it.
  3. alegtostandon

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    He got out the DAY she arrived, which was a week before they were married! I've shared here before, Mr. Tostandon did a 31 day treatment for alcoholism. Almost everyone said they were going to become "counselors". Ronald is way to fresh out of rehab to even consider helping another person. And his wife still cannot trust him!
  4. alegtostandon

    The Family Chantel

    Hermana is Spanish for sister, so meaning Pedro's sister, in keeping with the "Family Chantel" theme
  5. alegtostandon

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    I guess I'm in the minority here about Pole & Karina. Yes, he's an idiot but from what has been featured on this show.... way back when she was a cute little thing in a sundress...Pole has done whatever work he could find to buy for her. Granted, he had no real marketing skills, but it's not like the area they are living is bursting with corporate jobs. He's out pounding the dirt trying to find any work he can get. Meanwhile, she's sitting at home, criticizing him & his lack of skills. I could not believe it when she says 'you don't want to work, you're not worried about money for "the baby".'. Then flipping him off. I wonder about the people she is communicating with, is she sending them the photos of her that she originally sent Pole? That is her only way of knowing how to make money. This is the first time she's ever thought to ask him about his education? It seems to me as if she has been pregnant for a couple of years now! I personally think a DNA test should be done also, her whole pregnancy stories have been suspicious to me. Tiffany and the Gambler... probably every person who comes out of treatment declares "I'm going to work for the treatment center counseling other addicts", treatment centers even call it the honeymoon period. What qualifications does he have to counsel others? To share your experience, strength and hope to others is called 'recovery', not 'a job'. If they had offered him a job, why is he not working? It's a pipe dream. Tiffany needs to open some make up salon in mother in laws home or pack up & move that sweet boy back to the states. The last thing she needs to be thinking about is having a baby. Oh, Jenny, you seem to have aged 10 years since we've met you! It looks like she may be putting weight on from just sitting around that apartment. I would never have sat there for a week, not knowing what is going on. I would have left a note & headed back home. Maybe even not leave a note & let him worry. "Yes, we saw a blonde auntie wondering the streets alone at night... no, we have no idea where she is, last we saw she was looking for an internet cafe.".
  6. alegtostandon

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    I, too, was thrown off by the gap between Shannon's two front teeth. I still watch the original series on POP, they are now on the episodes of Dylan's dad being blown up & Dylan "choosing" Kelly. There is no gap between Shannon's 2 front teeth but there is a gap between the tooth next to her front tooth & her eye tooth. I had googled Shannon recently because, after all of these years, it had just dawned on me that she is the same person who played Jenny Wilder in Little House on the Prairie... and the guy who played her dad in LH, played Chancellor Arnold! There was some discussion on the 'new gap', one article said she wore retainers for years to keep the gap closed & got tired of wearing it. I wonder, though, if it had to do with her medical issues and medication. I was on heavy doses of morphine and dilaudid, which caused damage to my teeth. I had to have a back molar removed & it caused a shift in the remaining teeth because of wearing braces as a kid. I enjoyed the show. When I first heard this was going to be done, I was not looking forward to BH90210, The Middle Age Years, where everyone continued on happily ever after. It was fun to see everyone from the original first episodes together again. I do have to say, if I saw JG walking down the street, I would never connect her to JG, Kelly Taylor years, she looks nothing like her. I have seen TS plenty of times over the years, tabloids, reality shows, psychic commercials. She has really overdone the changes, botox, fillers, to where she looks like a rubber mask. It will be fun to see how this continues on. Add me to the list who teared up when the Porche rolled up, especially after just seeing "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood".
  7. alegtostandon

    S01.E11: Blind Trust

    Ohhhhh, I had not thought of any of your theories! I thought maybe she had gone out after dark and someone had reported a blonde auntie wearing jeans & a tank top wondering the streets
  8. alegtostandon

    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

    I had wondered about the weather also. Even the Christmas episodes, there's no snow. I'm always amazed at how perfect Dr. Quinn's hair always looks, shiny and clean. She wears it either straight or in a braid during work but on Sunday's for church or a special occasion, she has it up in this fancy style, sometimes with banana curls cascading down. I wondered how she did that on her own... unless Sulley took some lessons. But never any evidence of her galloping on a horse or riding through the woods along dirt trails and roads. Even on Little House they'd show people getting off of the stage full of dirt. I just saw the episode when Myra left Horace. It broke my heart!
  9. alegtostandon

    The Family Chantel

    Oh, Gobi I was laughing so hard! Even with the change of names; Rapid, Rival, Raven, Paragon, etc., I knew exactly who you were talking about. It was so much fun to read! One thing you failed to mention was Chantilly teetering around the mini golf in her 4 inch stilettos. I, too, was wondering why Madre Pedro did not hook Hermana Pedro up with an American. After the counseling session & Petro making the comment that he was hoping to gain a father & brother in Tomato & Rabbit, guess Madre Pedro covers both roles for Hermana Pedro.
  10. alegtostandon

    S01.E11: Blind Trust

    My thinking was the realtor guy doubled the rent when he saw a camera crew hanging around, probably thought he'd hit the renter gold mine! Little did he know it was our Pollle who picked up cow dung for a living! Pollle running to the "dog house" made me laugh.....Pollle slamming the dog house door closed made me laugh even more! We have not seen Deavon's little girl since she was removed from the house in Vegas. I cannot remember, does Deavon work?
  11. alegtostandon

    S01.E11: Blind Trust

    I Googled Qutar.. the capital, Doha, is beautiful! Some amazing architecture. Laura acting as though all of these Muslim laws surprise her is aggravating. She's been there, she knows what is wrong and right.
  12. alegtostandon

    S01.E11: Blind Trust

    Ohhhhh, I about died when Laura & Aladin went to visit his boss, she was informed ahead not to initiate a handshake but it was ok for her to shake his hand if he offered it. She says "I gripped his hand hard to show him I'm a powerful woman!". Like she'd going to roll into town & change the whole culture! Pregnancy does not look good on Karina. Tiffany is going to have a very stressful life ahead of her. She needs to learn she has no control over Ronald...I don't know if there is any support group for the families of gambling addicts. She is obsessed with him & his addiction. I've been very involved with a group for families of alcoholics for years, one of the first things we're told are the 3 C's, you didn't Cause it, you can't Cure it and you can't Control it.
  13. alegtostandon


    Disney Cruise: first, I've known families who have done this cruise. Yes, they loved the experience, but said it was nothing like shown. The Princess makeovers the girls received are $200.00 each! They said the fact that they got all of the girls in at the same time is amazing, one friend wanted to book her 2 daughters for the makeover minus the gowns, which IIRC, they said was around $75.00. But, they could not get the girls in together, not even close time wise. They were never given the option for a private meeting where the princess came to them, they could buy a ticket to group meet and greet. I've seen more than once the camera panning in on one of the girls picking her nose then putting her finger in her mouth. This is horrible they are showing this. I don't ever remember hearing ther parents stop her, one of them had actually commented at one time "she's really digging for gold! " and they all laughed. These poor kids. I use to kind of enjoy this family but cannot handle them anymore. I really dislike the parents. I feel sorry for the extended families because their roles are strictly for the Busby clan, I've seen very little interaction with their own kids. I still cannot figure out how the dad can rate as professional producer just because he videos his girls running around. A real professional would never take him seriously.
  14. alegtostandon

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Maybe I misunderstood, I thought The Gambler (I am so bad with names, Mr Tostandon is lucky I remember his!) was to stay away from drugs and alcohol, in addition to gambling facilities, such as full blown casinos. Not that his friends and family need to stop drinking themselves but they sure are quick to shove a bottle into his hands. Maybe a "Wellness Center" is different than a "Treatment Center", but when Mr. Tostandon went through treatment, there were all types of addictions involved. They were told for the first year, to not put themselves into an environment that would be a trigger, such as bar, or in this guy's case, a casino. Based on the dinner we saw last week, it sounds if the only reason he went into the Wellness Center was to avoid legal problems. Going for that reason very rarely works. Rhetorical question here.... what is wrong with Corey!? The only interest Evilyn has in him is for money. $1500.00 for an outhouse hooked into the septic, $5000.00 for tables & chairs, I'm sure her evil mind is swimming with ideas to drain every last penny. She is upfront with what she wants (money, money and more money) and does not want (Corey and a family). As she is telling him this, he just stands there with that goofy smile, saying "I hope she says yes to getting married!". Did I miss part of the episode? Did we see anything on Goth Girl besides the preview for next week?
  15. alegtostandon

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Yes I do get pedicures & as I said, I need to look away & plug my ears when they are clipping my nails. I'm glad you are able to see it as a romantic gesture, I don't, would never ask my husband to clip my toenails and I would never clip his. Has nothing to do with my love for him.