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  1. It was the same conversation between Almonzo and Laura before they were married when she wanted to work after the farmer stopped the water to Manley's crops. What I never understood, wasn't she already working, helping Eliza Jane?
  2. I have not watched these people in ages, I think the last time I tried to watch was when June & Alana were in a mother/ daughter pageant. Just a few of my thoughts: * I do not think Alana is really going to school, maybe doing online schooling. There was a scene where Pumpkin's husband had "picked her up" from school, every kid I know carries a back pack everywhere with them. * June was so evasive about their job. I wondered if they were working with a dealer picking up drug packages & delivering them. * I was really getting upset at the whole focus of June getting clean is for her kids. Mr. Tostandon has been sober for over 30 years, did 30 days inpatient treatment, we know a lot of others who have gone through all types of treatment programs. Every program I am aware of stresses that if you are doing this for anyone else; spouse, kids, partner, parents; it's not going to work. A person has to be wanting to do it for themselves first. When my husband was being admitted, the counselor said "if you are doing this for her, you might as well leave right now because it's not going to work." * Who the hell does that Jennifer think she is?! Did she actually think she was getting a full cover spread on Star Magazine? And the way she talked to that PR when she received the copy & saw she was a postage stamp at the bottom, like she was a major movie star! *That little baby is adorable! I hate that Jennifer made it a competition between the 2 babies!
  3. I just cannot handle these people! I saw their commercial the other day, wondering "what are we going to do with SIX kids stuck indoors?!". They don't have to stay indoors. They have a huge yard with more equipment than a park! Maybe they can't go on a Disney cruise or a trip to Hawaii, but you're not stuck indoors! I'm not going to be watching. Maybe one of these days they'll go away!
  4. Watching the episode where Albert & Andy want to be treated like men, so Charles & Jonathon had them walk to Sleepy Eye to prove themselves, not expecting them to make it a few miles. They follow them, not having any resources to eat or sleep. I have seen this episode a couple of times. One thing I remember from the other times I saw is after the boys make it to Sleepy Eye, it begins to storm. They go to a boarding house & tell a story about being orphans, the woman takes pity on them & feeds them then gives them a warm bed. I remember Charles & Johnathon, realizing neither brought their wallets or money, watching them through a window, waiting for the woman to discover the boys have no money when a cop catches them. They tell the cop they've been following those 2 boys & they're waiting to see what they do next. The cop, I thought, put them in jail. In this version, after they watch the boys through the window, they go to sleep in a barn where they're told if they clean the barn, they can stay. Either I am losing it or they cut out the part that made the dad's look like pedophiles & spliced in a different scene. Also, it dawned on me how ironic it was that Albert and Andy tell the boarding house woman that they're from Walnut Grove and lost their family when their house burned down. Then, a couple episodes later, Andy loses his mom to a house fire started by Albert!
  5. So sad about Orson Bean, I always liked him. I will watch Dr. Quinn periodically on Hallmark. One thing that really bothers me is Jane Seymour whispering so many of her lines. I don't know why she does that. Also wonder why the first 2 episodes are never shown.
  6. Ok, what subliminal messages were they passing along last night? I had a dream related to the show last night also! I could not tell you now any of the details. The whole thing with Big Mike & Natalie is confusing. Beginning of the season, she calls, crying to him over the Visa process & needs him with her right now! He flies to Ukraine, where she happily meets him, they are laughing, having fun while he pulls her around on his luggage. They get home, where Mother Natalie is waiting, Big Mike walks in with Natalie cradled in his arms, they immediately run to the bedroom to screw, leaving Mother Natalie standing with the tea, smiling. We then have Natalie confront Big Mike about the baby, not the answer she wants. Then the religious discussion, not the reaction she wants. He questions her about her past because of the Visa process, not discussion she wants. So, now she no longer knows if she loves him, throws the ring in his suitcase & refuses to go to the airport. Changes her mind and her attitude. She is suddenly loving and clingy again, heck, she even wants him to pull her around on his suitcase again! Now, we hear about a "situation" that happened a year ago to cause her to not love him or trust him. Where was this issue when he was in Ukraine, locking Mother Natalie out of the room? I believe Mike. Why would he call her & tell her he slept on the friends sofa? If he had something to feel guilty about, he would have told a different story. And, I'm sure the friend was upset that Natalie was accusing HER of screwing around with Mike the night before her wedding. I would be!
  7. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I'm not a Sandra fan. I liked her a bit better last season as a mento. Her starting out this season with the Queen Sandra bit was old and very immature for a woman her age. I felt her 2nd win was handed to her because of the Russell hate. I was disappointed Cochran chose not to return. I read an article where he said he was past this now. Sorry to see Amber go. Was not sorry to see Natalie go. She really bugged me her season.
  8. I thought she was the bio mom but the way it was emphasized that Sperm Man was the bio dad & he and his wife should be raising the baby made me think that maybe a donated fertilized egg was implanted. Whenever it was mentioned that he was the biological father & the baby had his DNA, the other couple kind of looked nervous, like they had no biological connection to the baby. I was waiting for Benny to say "she's the biological mother and has just as much right." Just my take on it.
  9. I guess what I was not fully understanding, wasn't the woman the biological mother?
  10. Yes, we do. When I suggested he leash his dog per the leash law, I was called a few choice names after being told that his dog is trained and will come on command and has no need for a leash. Trying to positively reason with him and not make him feel defensive, I said 'as well trained as our dogs may be, they are still dogs and may have a momentary slip when they see a cat, plus, without a leash, you have no control if you encounter a coyote', which we have being we are next to a golf course and the river bottom. He told me to mind my own business, in not so nice words. That's when I called the police, He has since moved. Some people! I feel for your neighbor.
  11. As the owner of a small dog, these cases always break my heart. I know someone who is related to this epuside yorkie owner. It was a horrible situation. I could not believe when the male defendant said his "lab/pit" mix was the miniature variety and weighed less than 25 lbs. I have seen pictures of this dog. Looks full pit & I am guessing 60 lbs plus, in addition to being very muscular. She said the worst part was the woman walking the pit bull has no remorse whatsoever. Due to a neighbor who claims to have enough control over their pit bull so there is no need to walk him on a leash, I no longer take my girls for walks.
  12. I guess yesterday was the last episode of My Three Sons. Steve's boss comes to him with problems he is having with their 16 year old son. Boss & Boss Wife decide Steve & Barbara are the perfect parents & want advice. I don't know why it irritated me so much, but why is Barbara accepting credit for raising Ernie?! The only MTS characters in this whole episode are Steve, Barbara, Ernie, then Uncle Charlie & Katie for a few seconds. I don't think they knew the show was going to be canceled. So, that means this morning was the very first episode. This means the 'Forgotten Oldest Son', no Ernie and Bub instead of Uncle Charlie.
  13. Regarding Blake & Jazmin, if I'm remembering correctly, Jazmin & her sister had entered some lottery to move to US. Her sister won & Jazmin did not. How ironic she then connects with some guy who she has absolutely nothing in common with but lives down the street from sister. There is no attraction whatsoever. She has no interest in his lifestyle and he has no interest in hers. I have no idea how they were even approved for this visa.
  14. In the restaurant, her inflated lips barely made it around the straw. I know she is a fanatic about her makeup, but this was more like her lips could not form the 'O' necessary to drink from a straw. I just cannot stand it when Angela calls Maaakeeel's mother "Mama". I think Angela is older than Mama Maaakeeel. I cannot figure out what is on her chest. I thought it was a henna tattoo at first. I googled it and she did have botox on her face and chest. Some say it's lasar scarring. Whatever it is, why can she not wear a normal top? I am so glad the embassy laughed her out. I'm glad that there are those who can appreciate her personality but I cannot stand the woman. We have seen her verbally and physically abuse Maaakeeel. It really clenched it for me on the last Tell-Nothing. There's more I want to say but I've been fighting the flu, this wore me out. Auntie Anxiety: I am so very sorry to read you lost your fur baby. I know that pain too well.🐾💞🐾
  15. Congratulations on your little girl! I'm just wondering, even if Angela has insurance that would cover the procedure, would they approve it for a 54 year old woman who is a heavy smoker with one withered up old egg? And...I hate to sound naive, but would that egg still be hanging around?
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