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  1. I would be thrilled to never see any of these people on my TV screen again. This is a group of the most vile, self centered, conceited people I've ever seen. Chantel considers herself to be the TLC Diva & expects everyone to treat her like royalty. I thought we were watching a rerun of the DR Wedding episode when she began yelling at Col-Tee: "... you will not disrespect me like that today, Good Bye!". The words & tone were exactly the same she yelled to Sister Nichol. I was honestly waiting for "slutassbitchasswhore" as she teetered away. I really believe that whole Chantel/Pedro segment was set up as an ad for the new series, which I will never watch! Nicole's hair did look cute...too bad she's dumber than a box of rocks!
  2. alegtostandon

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    There is not one person who is actively in the house that I am cheering for. The only person I would like to see get back in the game is David. I really like the way he is sitting back and observing. I will admit, I am horrible with names. What in the world happened to get the blonde girl so obsessed saying she's being put on the block. I saw the HOH guy ask her if she was ok, then he said he smelled brussel sprouts... is that a new code for "you're going on the block" or did I miss something? I have been watching BB since season 1. I miss old BB.
  3. alegtostandon

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    I am trying to figure out what finally happened to make the Korean parents fall in love with Depressing Goth Girl. She said at the beginning of their segment that things had not been going well, she ships the Feral Child off with her mom (who, I agree, was stashed away either in an upstairs room or hotel) then takes the parents in a double decker bus. Next thing we know, parents are welcoming her to their family & professing their love for her AND Feral Child! Depressing Goth Girl's expression was exactly the same as if they would have declined to give their approval. I had thought also that Corey claimed to be an adventurer traveling all over the world but knows nothing about the different lives in different countries. He's acting as if he has never left the compound in Utah.
  4. alegtostandon

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Mother Nicole is just as much to blame as Nicole is. There is something seriously with her to allow Nicole & Mae to move in RENT FREE so Nicole can save money for tickets. And poor Mae, she had no idea what she was running around saying when Nicole made buying the tickets sound as if Mae were getting a new toy. Regarding Lippy and Annndrraaa, in my mind, I told myself that Mother Lippy told Father Lippy that they needed to buy all of the supplies for the baby. I was so disgusted by Lippy's whining about the car seat that the hospital loaned them because Annndraaa waited too long to order theirs. I'm sure it wasn't a designer car seat with a visor to keep the sun out (it was night!) but it was safe & served the purpose to get baby home. I can't believe they didn't get a car seat at the shower. Larissa sure knows how to say the word "threaten" properly! Not that I'm a Colt fan by any means, but she could dish it out to him, the moment he shot back with "I'm going to divorce you.", it was "you threaten me, Coltee?"
  5. alegtostandon

    S01.E06: Another World

    My sister & her husband believed in the "Family Bed", their 2 kids slept in the same bed with them till they divorced, kids were 6 & 10. Deavon said she slept in bed with her parents till she was 7. As others have said tho, having the little girl sleep next to a total stranger was wrong. Poul.... how did you think you were going to buy everything "Baby" needs? At least they can now bathe the baby. My thinking is "terrorism" was stalking & "genocide" was starting the house on fire. I have one of those glamour shots photos done in the '80's... never thought of trying to post that as a current photo of myself. Regarding Corey & Evilyn, based on the conversation with her family, I don't believe the roof is being repaired at her apartment, which I'm sure he's paying for. She is wanting to make life as uncomfortable for him as possible. He's too blind to see this.
  6. alegtostandon

    S04.E10: Sparks Will Fly

    But, you also have bills & a mortgage to pay! From what I've gathered, Nicole lives rent free, & takes a job when she needs enough money to pay for a ticket to Morocco. Azan looked like he had no idea what Nicole was talking about when she mentioned his fake "family emergency". It was driving me nuts, you could tell she was looking at the video of herself in the corner & playing with her purple hair while chatting with Azan. He needs month or so to take care of things before she can come out. She just can't take a "subtle" hint. Next month, another "family emergency" will come up. I saw that too! A silver sequined sneaker! I'm sure there is a disco era silver sequined jacket to go along with it in there somewhere! When Larissa told the attorney that he took her cell phone, the attorney said "he physically removed it from your hands". She said "yes, he took it from my hands! ". From what I remember, she still had her tablet, that's how she was communicating with her "fans" to help her. Ahhnndra's dad is my new favorite, Pao's meek mom moved down a few pegs with her "Juan Love". I thought it was hilarious that Chantel never figured out that the girl in the video was sitting right next to Pedro! She is either looking for fame or is really in love with Pedro, she tried to talk him out of leaving with Chantal, then grabbed his hand & tried to pull him in her direction!
  7. alegtostandon

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Several years ago, Mr. Tostandon went through a 31 day program for alcoholism. We were told to not make any major decisions for one year, including buying/ selling a home; getting into a relationship; marriage or divorce. I cannot believe this guy's counselor is not advising him against this quick marriage. About 6 months before he got sober, Mr. Tostandon went back to "visit" his mom. She called me 2 days into the visit & said to get him back home where he belongs, he is no longer her problem, he is my problem. I honestly thought the name came from that wicked woman character from 101 Dalmatians. He said the first episode that he had bought her a car. I was really going he'd turn around and get back on ther plane. No excuse for her not picking him up... except she's a bitch.
  8. alegtostandon

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    Yes! He had his hands under the baby's neck & head! She has less control over ther baby's head when she grabbed him from Rousss. And... what makes her such an expert? Because she gave birth? She is the youngest so it's not even like she helped to raise her siblings. All I saw of Mother Pao during the whole birth was standing at the door, watching in fear. I wonder if they called Family Rouss after the birth. So much for the birthing pool & candle ambience. I think Pao thought her birth would be like she has seen on TV, a loving, romantic moment while Rouss lovingly holds her hand while she lays back in her pool of water, looking sexy while gently pushing. Axl....I immediately think of Axl Rose from Guns 'n Rose's.
  9. alegtostandon

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    I seem to remember Chantal having a video call with this guy a while back & he had told her that he was sending money to Mother & Sister Pedro, he stopped sending it & they somehow screwed him over. From what I understood, this guy was friends with Family Pedro, she met him through Pedro. Best part of the whole episode, when Chantal was talking with her parents & told them how mean Mother Pedro was to her & said mean things about her family, Mother Chantal tells her that Mother Pedro is jealous because "she wants to be me."!
  10. alegtostandon

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Ok, have to chime in on the grilled cheese discussion. I have to use a heavy, grainy bread. Real butter mixed with a bit of light olive oil, a bit of basil, pop in microwave til the butter is melted, brush onto bread. Place butter side down of each slice of bread into a hot skillet. On one slice, put American & provolone, the other slice, cheddar & Munster. When the bread has nicely browned, put both slices together. Mr. Tostandon calls them gourmet grilled cheese. I thought I had quoted another post too, the one who knew someone who made "grilled cheese" in the oven. We were invited to a friend's house for lunch, 'grilled ham & cheese'. She layered the bread with cheese & ham, then put it in ther oven! I thought, "ok, she's going to broil them". Nope, baked. The bread was like stale bread, the cheese was not melted. Blach! Karini has not looked good since the first season she was on. When we first met her, she was wearing a cute little summer dress & had a nice smile. I know she's pregnant but the last couple of seasons, she's looked dirty & bloated. And very unhappy. I cannot believe Poul did not bring the baby stuff. At least he had his bullet proof baby carrier! Forgot to add: Ludwig says the grilled cheese was honey & kalamata olives https://www.google.com/amp/s/popculture.com/reality-tv/amp/2019/06/20/90-day-fiance-fans-grossed-out-lauras-favorite-sandwich/
  11. alegtostandon

    S16.E08: Unhappy Camper

    I honestly did not even know these people were still on. Why are they still relevant? Does anyone really watch this thinking these are people to be admired? That photo shoot was disgusting, every single one of them are so fake looking. I watched about 20 minutes of this episode, the way they shove their wealth around is nauseating. Khloe having an outfit designed for a 6 month old for Christmas Eve? I saw previews for the over extravagant Christmas party & the fake "camping" & changed channels. I'd rather watch people try to catch tuna!
  12. alegtostandon

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    I was wondering how I went from around 30 saved episodes to close to 60 so quickly!
  13. alegtostandon

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    I DVR the show every day, I believe POP has 3 episodes a day. I've been busy & not able to watch the past couple of weeks. I had stopped watching when Kelly had to go in treatment & had that crazy roommate who she felt responsible for. First, Kelly, who never touched anything stronger than an over the counter diet pill, has her feelings hurt because her dad left. So, to "show him", she roll up the check he left her to buy something nice for herself & snorts Collin's gram in one swoop like she's an old pro. Next week, she's a full blown addict, just living for the next hit. The following week, she is a walking zombie, dirty hair, dressing like she doesn't care, so hooked in coke is she, she can't eat, go to class, just wants to go find the next hit. Back in my late teens/ early 20's, I got in with a group of "friends" who dealed in coke. It was the late 70's & "everyone was doing it". I did it quite a bit longer than 2-3 weeks... or even 2-3 months, whatever this time period this was supposed to be. We still held jobs, went to classes, lived our lives. Not only did Kelly get addicted so quickly, she became a "cocaine connoisseur". Then, she befriends that homeless wacko in treatment. First, I find it very odd that Kelly from Beverly Hills would be in the same treatment center as a homeless person. In real life, that girl would have been sent to some clinic downtown, not to an upscale treatment center where she can experience cashmere. For the counselors to encourage Kelly to take in this minor homeless girl is another "hmmmmmm" thing. She would have gone to a half way house. Needless to say, I went through last night & deleted the 'Single White Female' episodes, the OJ chase with a white van (when did Colin get a full size utility van?!), the 'Steve befriends a prince & finds Colin in Long Beach after trying to fight Pauly Shore" all the way through Val becoming a movie star manager episodes.
  14. alegtostandon

    S07.E24: Sean

    Thank you, I remember Sean's episode & did not remember anything about him being physically active. What I remember him saying was when his parents divorced, he blamed himself. There was never any mention of any physical or sexual abuse. We all know, though, there was plenty of emotional abuse. 2 things that really made me sad, when Dr Paradise told him to start getting dressed every day. From what I saw, that did not happen. Second, when Dr Now asked Sean what he wanted from life. Sean replied to find a lady & start a business. I believe it was the 2nd episode they did on Sean, after mom died & he had a caretaker. She had taken him to the grocery store in his wheelchair to help buy healthy food, parked him at the end of the aisle to go look for something. Turned out to be an endcap of candy! Sean says "now, this is just not fair!". It's sad, even back wherever they came from, I don't remember Sean having friends. One episode where he moved from the larger apartment he & mom had to the little one he was in, a neighbor came over to help. May Sean finally find the peace and acceptance he deserved
  15. alegtostandon

    The Waltons

    I was never an avid viewer of the Waltons as a kid and am seeing some of these episodes for the first time. I believe I'm watching on borhHallmark Drama & Insp. I thought Richard Thomas was great in this show. The next oldest boy, the music one, did a very good job also. The red haired boy was ok... not great but not painful to watch. The youngest boy was ok when he was young but just seemed very bored the last few seasons & it showed in his acting. He basically mumbled his lines. His acting was exactly the same if he was angry or in love. The oldest girl was ok. The middle girl, who was suppose to be the "beautiful" one always seemed angry. She always had a scowl on her face. I thought the youngest was ok in the first couple of seasons, but grew into a horrible actress. She always sounds as if she needs to blow her nose. Her timing was always off... one episode I saw recently, she was mid teen age... they were sitting in the sofa & the phone rang. The phone was on the other side of the room, she got up & walked across the room with her arm outstretched, like she was reaching for the phone from the sofa. Episode I just saw where the store owners wife opened a dance studio & the youngest girl is learning to drive. Turns out store owners wife (SOW) is drinking! She & the 2 girls go to leave the studio & SOW is stumbling so youngest Walton girl (YWG) says to let her drive, she knows how, SOW & her blonde daughter (BD) say no, then SOW passes out at the wheel. BD tells YWG she needs to take over. YWG cries that she's can't, she doesn't know how to drive. Also notice the last couple of seasons, they gave up trying to keep the clothing & hair styles to the times. Just some nitpicky observations