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  1. Eastcoast4Life I really like this family too. I think Foxy & the Grandpa are great! I hope they so not end up disappointing me like The Little Couple did. I would think a pre-nup could be done. I cannot remember, was it said the Big Mike bought the business for them?
  2. I had noticed that there week before we were introduced to David's dad! I thought the whole cat thing was weird. Here's what I noticed: David gave Kristen his hoodie. When he dropped her off at home, she tried to return it but he told her to keep it. As she was lovingly watching David drive off, wrapping the hoodie around her, her husband appeared. Once in the house, he commented about the hoodie & tshirt. She took the hoodie off and put it in the bottom of the laundry basket, piling other clothes on top, then pushed the laundry basket into the laundry room or whatever that was. Fast forward to the middle of the night & weird noises. They open that door and there's the cat, on top of the laundry basket, with the hoodie on top. I think it's a demon cat.
  3. I think they are her bloomers.
  4. That beard looks horrible! I'm wondering if he's trying to grow it like an Amish beard? He's a decent looking guy without it. I do not know everyone's name...I felt sorry for that oldest daughter who still lives at home. While all of the other sisters and SIL's were trying on maternity clothes, she was the designated seamstress. Does she have any other role in life besides planning family fun nights and sewing?
  5. The original Walton's movie was on tonight, I believe it was called The Homecoming. I have never seen this before. The only actors in the movie & the show were all of the kids and Grandma. Patricia Neal played Olivia, Edger Bergan played Grandpa, I have no idea who played John (dad), Ike & the Baldwin sisters were different actors. I guess I'm use to the show because I felt like they were a better fit to the characters. The movie was from 1971, the kids were so young! The house was totally different.
  6. Oh, I thought it was Joy's husband who finished first, they all start to look alike. I just loved Bin going in circles, rowing over his duck.
  7. I feel for you, Zella. I am the only left handed in the family. My parents said they recognized when I was very young that I was going to be left handed and never tried to change it. In 4th grade, my teacher brought to the attention of the class that I was the only left handed kid in class and it was up to her to "correct" this, so whenever one of the other kids saw me using my left hand, they were to call it out. While I was writing, she would hit me on the knuckles with a ruler. She finally began tying my left hand behind my back to the chair. I never said anything because I was made to feel like I was being punished in school & was ashamed to tell my parents. They did notice me struggling to write with my right hand at home one evening and questioned me. I repeated to them what Mrs. Kuhl had told me, being left handed was a sign of mental illness and a sign of the devil. My dad was at the school the next day. I do not know all that transpired but what I remember was my dad (who was not a doctor but in the medical profession) standing in front of the class with Teacher, Principal & someone I later found out was the superintendent, explained being left handed was as normal as being right handed & we were not to be shamed as he handed over a case of kids left handed scissors to Mrs. Kuhl. I stil have my pair. This was 1969. I found it funny that the first ones to finish the direction challenge were the non-Duggar men, minus Bin, he's been under control of that family too long. Speaking of Bin, that beard looks horrible on him. I use to think he was a decent looking guy.
  8. I thought it was said that the insurance rep was the vice president of the insurance company. I took it as she took over the claim because she was tired of paying out for reckless selfies.
  9. I had wondered if maybe Natalie was receiving alimony from ex that she would lose. I cannot remember, did they say what she did for a living? I had thought the same thing, that was probably like the 5th take. We have 2 young grandsons, when they were around that age, they would greet us with open arms and hugs and kisses... unless anyone else was around. They would then act like they didn't even know who we were. I remember my uncle saying one time 'I thought you guys were close with them, they act like they don't even know who you are. " I thought it was said Bojangles was an uncle who needed a place to live.
  10. Are these people for real? Where did the oldest boy meet his free spirit wife and why would she even be attracted to him? Is the whole town like them? I've only watched 1 full episodes (this one) but saw bits of previous episodes. My first thought was they reminded me of a horror movie. What happened to their baby was horrible, but I agree with winsomeone, mom really needed to get help after the tragic accident. Something similar happened to a friend of ours. He would back into his driveway. Was leaving one day and, unknown to him, his 2 year old followed him out. From what they were able to figure out, the 2 year old grabbed onto the back bumper of the car, pretending to be pushing the car & was dragged down the driveway & the street. Neighbors screaming caught Friends attention. Friends Son was in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I could not imagine running your own child over!
  11. I had seen enough previews of this show to know what to expect. Lexi: I am in awe of her nail art! Spinning pizza! Stripper tassels! Ultrasound profile pic! So much fun! I always wonder how these women with the long, pointy nails wipe. The fact that Lexi lost that weight is great. She has such an outgoing personality and it did not seem as if the weight was holding her back. Bria: she is great at color! I, too, thought she was a good 10 years older. Foxy Grandma: she made me laugh! What she was able to do with that one woman was amazing. I'm always impressed with anyone who can do makeup, nails and hair. I'm one of those people whose highest level of hair styling is combing my hair. And, where do they get those clothes? I hope I don't sound stereotypical but I think women from Jersey are so much fun! I feel so bland!
  12. Mrs. Hanson, I love old movies too! Mr. Tostandon does not understand why I would watch old b/w movies on a color HD tv! That's funny about the coffin! I know someone who tried ro donate an urn for ashes ro Goodwill, they refused it. I bought a brand new pair of Nick & Nora pajamas at Goodwill with the original pricetags still attached...$125.00! I paid $10.00. Never hurts to look!
  13. Oh, believe me, I was in no way implying that Robert was a "catch"! I was waiting to log into a job interview when I typed my post this morning and I know I didn't make my thoughts clear. I was thinking back to the conversation Robert had with his friend who "warned" him about women from the DR. Next thing we know, the day after she arrives, nAnny is wanting name brand designer clothes, an iPhone X and a beach wedding in Miami with the possibility of moving there. IF this was not prompted by production, then I'm sure Roberts mind is thinking back to that conversation. Isn't Pedro of Chantel & Pedro from the DR? Sister Pedro seemed to dress very nicely. Living in the Phoenix area and watching a few seasons of 90 Day franchise, Latin women have a very certain style... and it's not off brand Levi's and a button down pastel flowered blouse! I Goodwill often. Before the company Mr. Tostandon works for supplied work uniforms, I would buy his shirts for work at Goodwill. Why pay full price for something that will get full of ink and grease. We do have some very nice consignment second hand stores here also. CT Michael cracks me up. He is trying too hard to impress. Meanwhile, his clothes do not fit and he has a horrible haircut. When he was doing his talking head about his daughter...I mean girlfriend, getting approved, he ended a sentence by looking at the camera, then flashed a smile. Do not ask me why, what popped in my mind was an old movie I recently watched with Cary Grant called Penny Serenade. He & his wife adopted a little girl, who was in a Christmas pageant. She tripped and slid down this board, pulling the skyline with her. When she reached the bottom, the teacher was waiting and the little girl looked at her with a solemn face, then flashes this grin. That's who CT Michael reminded me of, lol!
  14. I am sure production had several additional sizes in the bathroom. She's not "heavy" but she's not a small girl, either. I liked her at first, but not sure now. He did not say "I'm taking you shopping to buy you new clothes", she said ro him "you have to take me shopping for clothes, I didn't bring much with me." I recall her saying she left her clothes back in the DR for her sister to sell. But she was expecting him to take her for Versace, Chanel, etc. The whole scene of the girl approaching them in the store seemed set up, I really doubt she approaches customers on a regular basis. I do remember him telling her no on the iPhone. Now, she not only wants a Hollywood style beach wedding in Miami, she wants to move to Miami. She should have stayed in the DR where she had her own bed and designer clothes.
  15. Is her makeup line really that spectacular and unique to make her the youngest billionaire ever? I have never even seen it, is it something you can buy in stores or is it online order only? I was flipping channels tonight and hit E! just as they were getting ready for the Met Gala. I wonder if when she has her makeup artist doing her makeup if they use her brand? She honestly looks like a 40-45 year old woman. I have a 14 year old niece. I don't remember what our discussion was but the fact that Ellen is older than me came up. Niece Tostandon says "Really?!, she looks so much younger, she must really take good care of herself! I thought she was younger than mom!" (Who is in her mid 40's). I told her if mom & I had professional makeup artists doing our makeup everyday, we'd look more amazing than Ellen! I then found a picture of Ellen with no make up. She was shocked and said I looked much better without makeup than Ellen! I asked her then if she was impressed with the Kardashians. She told me she thought all of them were fake looking. Good Girl!
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