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S04.E03: This Is Not Our World

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They should call this show "Everything but football" and be done with it. 

Another couple of episodes and this will be Entourage with bigger guys. I assume British guy is out and without some sort of health scare for a Spencer, they may be out of ideas. 


Is Dule Hill not on anymore? 


I will admit I laughed at the comments from Ricky's buddy were pretty funny on the workout. 

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Oh hey, look... a thread on this episode. Guess I should repeat what I added to the prior episode today before this thread popped up. 

I have no idea what this show is trying to do. It’s virtually abandoned football and moved into a “sports” arena I have zero interest in, with an obnoxious character who adds nothing. 

There was an opportunity to take a more insightful view of Ricky’s comeback and try out, but instead we got to see how Ricky lied to his wife for some reason and she is more mad that he lied than interested that he is trying out for a football role that will allow her to live in the lifestyle she clearly aspires to. Or have any interest in what he is trying to do in a clearly difficult situation. Makes no sense. 

I said last week I would give it one more episode. This was it, and I am done. Want to check out some other new shows. Best to all those who posted here. 

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I will try a couple more. I just found out that Ozark released from Netflix but they did all 10 episodes at once so I  will probably watch them all in one week and be stuck waiting again for something on Sunday nights.

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