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Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four returned to comics this month, after a three year absence (seems like longer).  I, for one, am glad to see them, and I hope this is the beginning of a long process of returning the team to its former glory and the respect that the franchise deserves.  The Fantastic Four, after all, was the very first Marvel comic, and marked the beginning of a revolution in comics, as Stan Lee strove to present heroes with realistic personalities and real world problems.  From there followed all the other Marvel heroes and characters we know so well.  It is seriously painful to me that the FF movies have suffered under Fox, and have failed to have a worthy movie, in this era where there have been so many successful comic book adaptations. 

I see the first issue has the "World's Greatest Comic Magazine" tag on the cover, which has been removed from time to time, although it was literally true when Stan was writing it (about the first 100 issues, give or take a few).  The book's had its ups and downs since then, depending on who was working on it.

I want to comment on the short Doom story that was included in the book.  Doom is not wearing armor, and at the end his hands are lit up like he is going to shoot rays out of them or something.  Doom has no powers himself as far as I'm aware, has this been changed?  Or perhaps it is sorcerous energy?  Doom does dabble in black magic.  But I really hope they aren't trying to give him some sort of electrical powers, like they did in his disastrous cinematic appearances.

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I am so annoyed that I bought the first issue.  It was terrible which I expected it would be but I decided to give it a chance anyway.  If I want an FF story I think I will stick with Marvel Two-In-One.  At least Chip Zdarsky has been putting out a good FF book on a monthly basis (granted half the team is not in the books).

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On 9/1/2018 at 2:39 AM, BK1978 said:

I am so annoyed that I bought the first issue.  It was terrible which I expected it would be but I decided to give it a chance anyway

I don't know, there wasn't even enough going on to classify it as terrible.  

Anyway, I read the second issue, and I thought it was better.  I'm not sure how old Val is supposed to be now, apparently she's reached dating age.  I thought it was funny they had her first crush be someone who has similarities to Namor.  Like mother, like daughter.  

The reveal at the end, with the extended FF family, was kind of cool.  Although I thought it was an odd choice, since we're all waiting and wanting to see the original Four.

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