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7 hours ago, legaleagle53 said:

I asked him once whether he had formally come out by acknowledging his sexual orientation and he responded that he never really considered himself to be "in" -- he simply didn't believe in putting a label on it or in being defined solely as a gay dancer), so that's another reason that we really haven't seen that many openly gay/lesbian pros on DWTS or anywhere else.  They simply consider their sexual orientation to be (a) nobody's business and (b) irrelevant.

I've always thought most dancers believe in the bold text.  Entertainers/athletes usually want to be accepted on their physical accomplishments.  I'm always surprised that people make a big deal out of the shows not making an announcement about gay or straight. They think the show is stopping them from letting the viewers (complete strangers) know. Most probably think it's none of our business.

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