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S06.E03: Sons and Daughters

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Assigned to take charge of a band of unruly Klingon volunteers, Worf is saddened to discover that one of them is his own son Alexander

Worf made no attempt to contact his son for five years?  Wow.  I don't remember Worf being that bad of a father when he was on TNG, in fact I remember the opposite.  Doesn't quite make sense to me.  

I read that this episode took its plot from the movie Rio Grande, so maybe they sacrificed character continuity for the sake of the story.

Alexander joining the house of Martok at the end was nice.  I bet the other Klingons will think twice before bullying him now!

It kind of irritated me that they repeated practically the same scene from the previous episode, with Kira having her "What am I doing?" moment while looking in the mirror.  

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 Worf wasn't a bad father, but he always had trouble relating to Alexander because he always favored his human side.   When Worf first transfers to DS9 he mentions Alexander went to Earth to live with grandparents after the Enterprise was destroyed and was happier there.  

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