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A Spark in the Night: Unspoiled Speculation

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I guessing that Gambi dies by the end of the season -- he can't keep playing both sides. Then, Season 2 has Black Lightning and Thunder dealing with the repercussions of that - the loss of his tech help, and his role in protecting the Pierce family from Lady Eve's cabal.

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Well, I'm glad Gambi didn't die!


Wishes or speculation about Season 2?

I hope they can bring back Lady Eve somehow; and I want the length of the season to stay short.

Looking forward to the rise of Tobias.

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I hope they can get to feature Static. It's been 4 seasons; I've always assumed he'd show up eventually on this show. But after last season, I don't know how many more male superheroes they want to introduce.

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News from FanDome is that Static Shock may get developed as a feature film, so despite the multiverse, I don't think he'll be showing up on Black Lightning like I hoped.

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There's an interview with the Kung Fu showrunners that mentions that CW asked it's showrunners to address the BLM movement in their shows. Now - there's probably a lot that can be said about that alone (not by me, though). But tying this back to Black Lightning, it feels as though Salim Akil was like, "Well, we already do that on our show; let's go in even harder, and see how much they'll let us get away with". So then instead of just having references and analogies about police brutality incidents, Akil just straight up did reenactments. Which I feel were unnecessary, and somewhat exploitative. But at least now I think I've got a better idea as to why it happened.

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