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S02.E07: Marked for Murder

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In Florida, friends and family are stunned after an esteemed criminal law professor is executed in his garage; investigators follow a series of leads taking them on a statewide hunt in search of the murderous masterminds.

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I had not heard about this murder prior to watching this ep. Very interesting, and I have no doubt Wendi's family* is behind the murder of Daniel, and are paying for Katie's legal counsel since she is the one who can be linked directly to them. My guess is that the DA is waiting to file charges on Wendi/her family until Katie or Sergio (?) roll on them in order to make sure the charges stick, and no high-priced lawyer can get them off. Sergio is their best bet since it seems that Katie now has such counsel. 

Surprised to see the asst state atty participating in this show. I'm sure this case has garnered a ton of publicity in FL, but aren't there concerns about tainting the jury pool further? I binged a bunch of these eps while home sick (Santa brought me strep throat for Christmas...hohoho), and I think there was another case featured that has still to go to trial. But it also could have been a fever dream..lol

*Her mother & brother for sure. Don't know if/how deeply her father is involved. 

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