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S01.E09: Stay Frosty


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The Shadow Raiders are sent out on a mission which, if successful, could mean a dire outcome for Nora and Gallo. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes a choice that could result in big consequences for both he and Jess.

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Quietly enjoying this show. I was just here for the Gallo and Madani hook up, but slowly being drawn into the overall mystery. 

Serenity should not have taken that shot. No way he was going to be able to ensure to not accidentally hit one of the others during the struggle . Plus, target was supposed to be taken alive. I think that Ian made the wrong call.

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All I can say if the military was as stupid in real life as this bunch, well I have no words, really. 

Letting themselves be caught this way? As For the killing of Goundry, aiming for his arm,? Right.... This was done to silence him I'm betting on that CIA guy, (forget his name, the one with Thea) he's the mole

Oh btw, not sure if this is the place to post bloopers or not, but anybody else notice Norah's T-shirt sleeves changing from rolled up to rolled down where she and Gallo are talking in the locker room?

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