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S04.E11: Karma's A Bitch

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I was annoyed that Halo screwed his snake up.  I was really wanting him to blow Scott out of the water and shut him up for 5 seconds.  But things like that never happen on this show....*LOL*


Melissa had a pretty good run, she obviously gained some skills working with that group and getting all that feedback.  She needs to work on not projecting that sullen, frowny face so much.  

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After last week, the writing was on the wall (in day-glo neon) that Melissa would get the boot unless she delivered a total beat-down during this challenge.  Her not having won any flash or elimination challenge was like a huge bullseye on her back...It sucks that she's gone because her tat was light years better than that smushed-up, hot-ass mess that Scott (and Halo, to a lesser extent) came up with.


Speaking of Scott, I have tried for several weeks to like him, but the only way he's growing on me is like a fungus on a dead tree trunk. It's shallow of me to feel this way, but there's no way I'd entrust someone who looks like him to alter my body in any way, shape, or form -- Scott looks like a thug-assed punk who, if television could emit a scent/odor, very likely smells like anchovies that have been setting in the sun for a day or two.  Even more shallow?  He needs a serious hair intervention as that dippy cowlick of his looks like something from the 50s that would be soaked in Bryllcream.  Also, for someone who, during his talking head segments, repeatedly made snide, condescending remarks about other InkTestants complaining about uncooperative clients, he certainly turned around and did the same exact thing.

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Totally agree with everything, Cyn.  Most of these people are not stupid.  They HAVE to know that their reputation is going to take a huge hit if they bow to the producer's prodding of "more drama, more testosterone, more rage".  It only takes a few minutes of bad behavior to destroy the credibility of a professional, and sometimes a lifetime to rebuild it.  So many of these people just seem SO short-sighted to me, with no verbal filter and no regard whatsoever for their future success. Just obsession with "win now at all costs and look like a bad-ass doing it".  


And sadly, there are people out there that would get a kick out of saying something like "Yeah, I got this tatt from that tool that competed on that TV show...It looks like crap, but it was free!"    

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