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I knew, even when I requested these forums, that the title of the show would likely prophetize the level of activity on these boards as well.

But I like the show so far. Every now and then you'll read a TV watcher saying something to the effect of, "when those characters were shooting the breeze -- I could watch that for hours!" Well, here's your show. It is a bit skit-like, and perhaps somewhat improvised (within a set framework); thus, some segments hit better than others. (Meadows' and Brammall's faces when JK Simmons was telling his life story were hilarious. And then the subsequent revelation of Sedaris' connection to the story!) Will Ferrell is a little too wacka-wacka for the show (despite the best efforts of his scene partner, Jesse Plemons), but the other actors are awesome. I mean, Amy Sedaris! Tim Meadows! And I have to admit I find Patrick "Russell Crowe-lite, and not just he's also Aussie" Brammall rather easy on the eyes. Online is probably the right platform for this shaggy dog show (although: Comedy Central), and at some point I might find that I've seen enough episodes, but I'm digging this. 

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Yeah, like the other 2 CBS All-Access shows I've watched, No Activity is good.  But I don't think it's good enough to recommend someone to pay 6 bucks to watch it. I love the interaction between Brammall and Meadows, and the Simmons' story about his affair was indeed the series highlight so far.  After 4 episodes I'm kinda waiting for more actors to jump into the fray to try their hand at this.  

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I can see why they decided to shake up the show for the 3rd season: we probably couldn't have had another season in which three groups of characters are sitting around shooting the breeze and then, at the end, Cullen and Tolbeck again screw up the job they had been waiting all season for. But this season's decision to often separate the established teams; to have so many deaths (including three very explicit and gory ones) that weren't funny; to not only bring back but to bring together many of the crazy over-the-top characters, often at the expense of the straight-man characters like Fatima, etc., made it pretty unenjoyable for me.

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