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  1. dingochick

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    I have really enjoyed seeing Nathaniel develop as a character, I am already missing this show, can’t believe it’s almost done. I kind of hope Rebecca does end up with Nathaniel, but that is partially because how I like the depth of change his character has gone through, and how she has been the catalyst for much of it. The scene at his parents’ house, etc., but whatever happens I am sure I’ll be left wanting more. So glad this program gets to finish on its own terms.
  2. dingochick

    S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    I cannot overstate how much I flove this show, and this episode, omg....I had to pause it to squee about the puppets. They reminded me of Smile Time on Angel, only they weren’t evil puppets. Loved all the homages to other tv shows and the meta jokes. I didn’t know it’s off until April, boo hiss. And also, stop tugging at my heartstrings, show! I can only handle one emotional show, and that’s This Is Us. ;) Kudos to the show runners, actors, and entire crew. This show is too much fun, and I even enjoyed Mona this time.
  3. dingochick

    S1.E07: Little Cyst

    Another solid episode. These kids are more than alright! Question, the doctor who talked to Peggy and Mike sounded and looked a little like Pete Gardner from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...anyone else think that? The spy music was hilarious and I love the distinct personalities of each kid. And of course the record on the cereal box, ah, good times!
  4. dingochick

    No Activity (US)

    This show is freaking hilarious with good pacing and character development, hope it sees a third season.
  5. dingochick

    S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    Also, not a fan of new Gideon, I liked her old look. Then again I am battling headache so who knows, maybe when meds wear off I’ll change my mind. It’s funny how Stein and Jax were such big parts but I don’t really miss them, I guess with Z and Ava having meatier roles it’s okay, plus their story collided nicely, for the most part. Back on topic...just go, Mona. I don’t think a different actress would change my mind or a WTF twist, either. Just go. :)
  6. dingochick

    S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    Possibly unpopular opinion time....this episode was a big fat clunker for me. Maybe because it had a season one vibe or maybe I just can’t stand Hemingway, but I really think it’s Mona’s addition. I feel like she is the big Mary Sue fangirl and it bugs the crap out of me. Every other episode this season has been amazingly awesome but this one just felt weird. I did like moments with Nora and Ava, but the Mona thing was so irritating. I’m putting her in the Felicia Day scale, I think she is someone you either love or hate...in my case, and Mr. Dingochick’s, it’s not love.
  7. dingochick

    Disguises: The Cast in Other Roles

    Christopher Paul Richards, the no-conscience kid Joey, was in last season’s Me, Myself & I, which also had a nostalgic feel in part. He was a scene-stealer there and he is shining on this show. Love him!
  8. dingochick

    S01.E02: Timmy's Poem

    Since CBS canceled Me, Myself, & I, I am glad to see Christopher Paul Richards on here as the slick son Joey. A different character type for him. This show is hilarious, it never seems to go where you think it might. Hope it gets a full season pickup.
  9. dingochick

    The Cool Kids

    This show is great, as many of you have said here and on other threads, Vicki and Leslie are hilarious playing off each other. Can’t get enough of them.
  10. Has anyone seen anything about John Schneider facing a light bit of jail time since he didn’t or couldn’t make spousal support payments? I saw a few articles, but it made me wonder, maybe he is not getting good residuals from his time as Pa Kent? One article not linked below said he’s trying to rebuild his studio that got ruined by flooding. Just curious if you guys had seen this amidst all the AM stuff. Looks like payments are over $18,000 a month!! https://people.com/tv/john-schneider-sentenced-to-jail-delinquent-alimony/ https://www.wonderwall.com/news/john-schneider-ordered-spend-three-days-jail-failing-pay-spousal-support-elly-castle-3014772.article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5832985/John-Schneider-faces-three-day-jail-sentence-failure-pay-spousal-support-estranged-wife.html
  11. dingochick

    S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    More Marlize, please. Such a great actress, and as a bonus, no slick villain hair...
  12. dingochick

    S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    Loved Iris’ face and tone when she said, ”Star Wars” and Barry's reaction. Heehee too funny.
  13. dingochick

    S04.E21: Harry and the Harrisons

    So much meh. I did like Iris, but all the Caitlin stuff is too much...I mean come on, making a deal with a trafficker??? Caitlin is less Team Flash and more Team Self and it’s annoying. Also too many Wells versions but I didn’t mind the goofiness as much as usual. Although overall, yeah, colossal waste of time. Especially so late in the season.
  14. dingochick

    S05.E16: NutriBoom / S05.E17: DFW

    Crud I haven’t seen the second ep yet so trying to avoid spoilers in this thread, but yeah for Nutriboom I was all, “OMG they’re doing David and Shelly Miscavige, the scientology people!” Heh.
  15. dingochick

    S03.E18: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly

    ALL THE FEELS! I love Beebo so, so much. I was reminded a little of Animal in the saloon during The Muppet Movie (the first one from way back in the day.). Beebo is love.