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Notes From the Mod: Resting on Pretty

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As this forum has grown I have come to realize that we don't need individual threads for former contestants.  So far there isn't really enough discussion of any one person to justify their own thread, especially as most of the posts in those threads are links to photo shoots they have recently done.

So, I've created a separate thread in which to deposit and discuss all of these photo links, and another thread for discussion of any past contestants themselves--how they were portrayed on the show, your opinions about them, who wuz robbed, etc. 


I'm going to close down all the individual contestant threads for now.  If and when we ever get enough discussion going on one past contestant, I'll revisit the possibility of an individual thread then.


Please put all links to photos and/or video of past contestants in the "Past Contestant Photo Gallery," not in the "Past Contestant Discussion" thread.  Thanks.

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