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Handicapping The Bachelorettes

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  • 5 weeks later...

Just got caught up on the first two episodes (FF'd through all that Sean stuff) ... so am I the only person who keeps thinking that Clare is actually Julie from "Burning Love"?

I'm also embarrassed to admit that there are actually two b'ettes I LIKE ... Renee and Sharleen. Which means they're both toast.

Oh, and yes, I could ID all three Marlins in that "what Juan Pablo does in real life" montage.  Does this "job" of his mean that if I were to go work for the Marlins, I could meet Juan Paaaaaaablo?

And finally, bummed but not surprised at the hasty departure of Chantel, "the first Bachelor contestant of color" according to the superlatives. She seemed like a basically normal fun empathetic person (other than the fact that she thought she'd find love on "The Bachelor."). That said, am wondering if Danielle (who has made it through two eliminations without our ever having heard her speak, as far as I can tell) may also qualify. 

Oh, one more finally. Bummed that girl whose name I have forgotten who worked in the elder care home with her special needs family members didn't even get through the first rose ceremony. I thought she'd be a long-term keeper. Or did she make it and since I've already forgotten her name I didn't realize it? I saw her roseless during the end of ceremony, but they never showed her as one of the nervous faces or departing sobbers. In fact, they barely showed her at all after the vignette of her at home. 

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