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Quotes: "This isn't about dicks. This is about the justice system!"

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Hee - loved all the 'little bitch' stuff in the second episode!

From the second episode;

Mr. "Kraz" Krazanski (a teacher): This is Sara Pearson, dude. I’ve had her in class, and she is distracting. You know, okay, I’m not gonna say one of my students is unbelievably hot. But, oh, my God, dude. So, I won’t.

Gabi: If Alex said said “blow job,” I would have called bullshit, for sure.
Sam: Really?
Gabi: But just…eh, a simple hand job is not that big of a commitment
Sam: (chuckles, then pause and a swallow) Wait, really?

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Third episode:

Dylan to Peter: Whatever, dude. I lie about all kinds of little stuff, like that I understood Inception.
Lucas: Dude it’s simple, all right? Our dreams have levels, dog.
Dylan: Dude, you keep-- You always say that. Like, I still don’t--
Lucas: That’s what it is. Is that our dreams-- So, you have, like…
Dylan: I get that, but how did they get into the other guy’s dream? That’s what doesn’t make sense to me.

Dylan & Lucas to Peter: That’s some teacher-shit. That’s some straight up teacher-shit

Peter: I’m so going to fail Spanish

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From the fourth episode:

Peter: I'm Peter. I'm making a documentary about Dylan's case. Kind of like Serial.
Kyle (Dylan's cousin, the contract lawyer): (pause) That's a terrible idea.

Sam: We could show them ball hairs.
Peter: No, this is gonna take way more than just ball hairs.

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