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  1. I'd love to know why the farmer guy's wife left him with no warning. I was hoping they'd get into explaining that, but I'm guessing he didn't want it repeated on TV.
  2. At this point, there's a strong chance that any new episode will feature the Cookies or some sort of VR simulation. Conceptually, it's getting to be predictable and a bit weary. This ep was just OK for me. I didn't take much away from it, and the trope of "pop star controlled by their image just wants to finally be their true self" has been done to death.
  3. This might have been my least favorite ep of this show so far. I think the writers had some sort of idea where they wanted to imply that present day technology is just as complicated and potentially dangerous as the not-so-distant future technology, but it failed miserably. If this ep had been released 15 years ago, then it would have worked. But in 2019, everyone is well aware of how all this social media stuff works (as well as the negative aspects), and the ep doesn't leave you with anything to think about. I can usually find something positive to say about any other BM ep, but this one was incredibly subpar. Even as a suspense drama, it was too long and not particularly well constructed.
  4. Ugh, I hated "Blurryman" so much. As soon as Jordan Peele broke character and the camera pulled back to reveal what was going on, I rolled my eyes. And unlike the other eps, you really needed to watch all the previous eps (as well as the original run of TZ) to get all the references. And yeah, the CGI Serling was ridiculous. I had high hopes for this reboot, but overall, I've been hugely disappointed. If there's another season, I won't be returning. Thankfully, Black Mirror returns this week.
  5. As I was half asleep in bed this morning, I thought "OH My GOD, what if Julie Purcell is the documentarian???" I obviously hadn't watched the episode yet, And yes, that would have been insane, but possibly more interesting than the actual finale.
  6. I'm a fan of Jeremy Saulnier's movies, so I was excited when I learned he was attached to TD as a director. It's definitely too bad he's only doing 2 eps. But I'm still looking forward to seeing where the rest of the season goes.
  7. Agreed. I'm a big BM fan, but me and my wife both got bored with it pretty quickly. Aside from the gimmick, the story was just a bunch of nonsense. We gave up after devoting about an hour to it.
  8. I'm always surprised at how readily people send nude pics to people they don't know. Even if the person she was talking to was actually "Rich Dollaz," those pics could be distributed anywhere around the world at any moment. I'm married, and I wouldn't even send my wife nude pics.
  9. Just got around to last week's ep. My DVR somehow missed the ep where Deena was "kidnapped," but I was able to catch up pretty fast. I agree that the fight was likely staged, especially since the jerk's "friend" they talked to the second night was wearing the same shirt in both appearances. Both scenes shot in the same night, perhaps? Fake or not, I would not want to fight Ronnie. He's a hothead with anger issues, and he's doesn't care if he goes to jail.
  10. cmfran

    S07.E19: Mike & Joey

    Mike was the worst. And my underwear provides more coverage than his "shorts" did. I'm guessing he'll be back in Connecticut before too long.
  11. Agreed - it seems like this "family vacation" thing will go on forever. When it debuted, my first thought was "who's gonna watch this? Nobody cares!" But sadly, I have watched all of it. It's crazy how much work Snooki continues to get. I saw where she's now co-hosting some show about bad tattoos or something. And I'm sure Mike will get a post-prison show. Aside from Snooki (and Pauly D), what does the rest of the cast do when they're not doing the show? I know Jenni and Deena have families, but, what the hell do Ronnie and Vinny do with their down time? Especially Ronnie. I can't really see him being employable anywhere.
  12. I promise you no one has ever called that woman "Jewish Barbie." Regarding Ronnie's potential hookup with her, I don't see why the rest of the gang was so distraught over it. Would it really matter if he hooked up with her (or anyone else)? It's not like his relationship can get much worse.
  13. This is a pretty standard wedding registry practice. People register for gifts with a wide range of price points so friends/family will have a choice in how much they'd like to spend. It's not about "need." And I'm sure Sitch has some friends with money (like the rest of the cast, for example) that will want to buy them something extravagant.
  14. Has anyone noticed how in the last couple episodes, Mike has been randomly adding an "s" to the end of words? It's so weird. Is it some inside joke we aren't aware of? I've been joking with my wife that I want a "Living My Best Life" hat to wear when I'm eating a big meal.
  15. Loaded up this ep on the TiVo, realized it was 2 hrs, and said "F this. I'm done." I don't even care that it wasn't really 2 hrs of show. I'm still done.
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