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S03.E07: Memory Is Your Image of Perfection

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What I liked about this episode was that the worries I had over the John and Kathryn marriage blow-up were put firmly back into perspective in this one.  As hard as it is to see a marriage on the rocks like this, I also think it's being really well done.  Their marriage isn't ending because he kissed Jennice--not even close.  Maybe it was the catalyst to help Kathryn figure out what's been wrong for her for a long time, but that's all.  I love that this show is exploring the idea that Kathryn wants to grow and change--and in fact has to-and John wants everything to stay the same.

The other thing that worked especially well for me in this episode was the return of Melody, and her story with Travis.  It was fun to see Mary Beth interacting with the family, and absolutely fascinating to watch her try to keep up when Melody and Travis fight about Gallaudet, and Mary Beth's insight into why Travis is so hesitant to interview for the school was a nice touch.  I teared up when Melody told him he'd always have a home to come back to.  How could you not?

What was less effective?  Daphne as a magnet for drama.  While I loved the Dr. at the clinic calling her out for her seemingly endless love-triangle antics, I'm not sure how successful the surprise scissors-stabbing by Sharee's mom was.  In the moment, it was tense, and I felt for Daphne, but it also felt out of place in an episode that was otherwise so grounded in the small moments of relationships.  Am I wrong?

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