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S02.E03: Tigerclaw

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Should have known that the Tigerclaw tools would be secretly working for Reagan!  Still love them as antagonists.  Really, between this and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I would be perfectly find with Josh Charles being contractually obligated to appear as a smug prick in each of Netflix's original shows.

Mitch!  I love how no one seems to be freaked out at all by a talking can of vegetables!

Donna and Yaron have now return, but mainly just to sell their VHS tapes.  Oh, and have Victor be their surrogate, only they actually want him to have intercourse with Donna.  Will he finally lose his virginity?!

I'm guessing Lindsay's little conversation with "Deep Throat" is what is going to finally lead her back to Camp Firewood.

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OMG…we have to see Victor knock up Donna!  I'm sure that will be a ball of awkward rolled in a mile of weird.  I do think it's funny that Donna & Yaron asked Victor rather than any of the other guys.  (I think they may have thought about asking Ben or McKinley but knew the answer would be no due to the sex involved.)

Kinda hoping Deep Throat will be The Falcon, nice bit of tie-in from last season.

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