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A video of Kat McPhee and Megan Hilty singing together in the New York Pops 31st Birthday Gala  honouring Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman finally made it's way to youtube.

Kat sang Don't forget me and was then joined by Megan in Let me be your star.



Is it me or is Kat's slurring really annoying during Don't forget me?

I would kill to have a studio version of Megan singing Let me be your star solo, and she has sang that solo in many of her concert, but after hearing this, I gotta say that it does sound better as a duet. (I still want that solo version, though)

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There is an iTunes version of Megan singing 'Don't Forget Me'.  That's one more thing I learned recently.....they weren't going to release Megan's version on iTunes because they'd already done McPhee's.  Then without any real notice it quietly turned up.  I will not get into where I learned about THIS...... (smiley face.) But don't know about a solo version of LMBYS.


And wow...not only slurred, but Kat sang that entire song slightly under the pitch.  I guess they didn't have auto tune at Carnegie.

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I thought it was a bit of an open secret that Marc Shaiman arranged for the iTunes "Don't Forget Me", as he'd have the master in his possession at his home studio...? I got this impression because I seem to remember somebody applying to him for a full version of Megan's "20th Century Fox Mambo" (? think that was it, the one with Kathie Lee), and his reply that what was aired was what was recorded, unfortunately. 



And yes, I'm not in love with Kat's rendition, not a fan of the choice to husk/rasp the decrescendoes but being charitable, perhaps she was ill.

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Yes, I do recall seeing Marc Shaiman on Facebook telling people to message him if they want the mp3 of Megan's don't forget me right after the opening night episode, I suspect too many people asked so he just puts up the link openly for people to download. Soon after that he had a status update saying that he had to take the link down, because the studio was going to put it up on amazon and iTunes for purchasing. I just thought they'd rather pocket the money than saving Kat's face. I did download Marc's free version, but ended up buying it off iTunes as well, just because I really want to show my support for Megan/Ivy.


It was sneaky to put it up without anyone noticing, though I am not quite sure how these things work, do they ever make announcement specifically for each songs? I assume they just tell people that songs can be purchased on amazon/iTunes (I could be wrong, really have no clue). Maybe they didn't plan to put Megan's version up so the song wasn't queued, and therefore didn't go up the same week as the episode, and people just assume that they are not putting it out. 


They also put Megan's Don't Dream It's Over, the demo of SHWBG (Christine Ebersole), Smash (Jane Krakowski) and NGATH (Megan Hilty) on the complete season 2 album on iTunes. I have a friend who wanted Megan's Don't Dream It's Over since she heard it on the show and was so surprise when I told her that the whole song is on iTunes. The three demo was on the target deluxe edition (thought it was target exclusive) but now it's also on iTunes. Don't know what's up with that, but it's a good thing. It only someone would put Megan's Gravity on iTunes as well. *sigh*


Ideally, I want Megan's version of all the bombshell songs she didn't sing (we already have DFM and NGATH, I am thankful for that), but I figured since LMBYS has already made it into Megan's repertoire, we should have a greater chance of getting a studio version of that. It is still very unlikely, hopefully one day Megan would have another album deal and decided to do a Musical theatre album with a solo LMBYS, likely to be a different arrangement but I'll take it. If we are very very very lucky, she might even do other bombshell songs she didn't record because we don't need two versions of the same song. Or maybe Marc, Scott and Megan would want to re-record wolf because they added the last verse after it was recorded! One could dream, right? 


Marc Shaiman said that they originally had another song written for the season 1 finale but the producer didn't like it or something, so they wrote DFM in a hurry. I am just not a big fan of DFM, thought they would make some changes but they didn't. So I would really love to have a listen to the originally song, I'd be happy with just a demo. I know I am being very greedy. :P


I don't mind pitch problems all that much because at least they are not conscious decisions, nobody want's to be off pitch but sometimes it just happens, I can empathise with that (I have not listen to that much of Kat's live performances, so I can't tell if this is a persistent problem of hers). But the slurring clearly would be a choice Kat made, to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she is too used to her pop style of singing and did it subconsciously, or that she feels the whole thing is too musical theatre/broadway, and wanted to add a breath of fresh air to the programme (which I find to be disrespectful to Marc & Scott, but she has good intentions). :/ It just really bugs me for some reason, also don't like all the little breaths she was taking DURING a phrase, is she trying to be more Marilyn or something? And the staccato-y singing, bugs me even back in season 1. 



Edit: Megan singing Moving the line at the same event.



Bonus songs from hairspray:

You can't stop the beat - as many hairspray OBC as they could get + Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman

The end was cut early but the second one shows the very end of the performance.



I know where I've been - Jenifer Lewis




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