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S03.E03: Lyon, France

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Did anyone else's eyes start glazing over when Tony started to wax poeticly about all of those great chefs that the old guy trained? The fish in the the bread looked okay, the the rabbit freaked me out.  I'm used to seeing duck heads and fish heads. I've eaten pig cheeks (good stuff, tastes like stew meat).  That rabbit head with the white eyes - haunts the dreams.


The peasant plate of food just looks okay.  I guess you really have to be there to taste and smell.  I've mentioned it before, his palate goes from the high class to digging the cheese covered Fritos.

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This episode was not shown where I am (central coastal California) as far as I can tell - anyone know if there was a pre-emption or if it will be repeated? I traveled to Lyon some years ago and was really looking forward to this one....

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CNN will typically air the previous week's episode one hour before the new one, on Sunday. There even might be mid-week repeats, but you would have to check your local cable listings.


I am in the SF Bay Area and we get two airings of the previous week and the new episode each Sunday evening, so at 5 and 6 and then again at 8 and 9.


Unless, there is a breaking news story and CNN decides to preempt this show. Last Sunday there were the devastating tornados in the Midwest, so it might have been pre-empted.

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Damn, that was some major food porn. It's funny how whenever I watch this show, I have one of two reactions: I NEED to go there or I am NEVER going there! I have no idea what else Lyon offers in terms of sightseeing aside from the giant ferris wheel we saw in the background of one shot, but I want to go and just eat myself silly.


Ha, you know it's a special occasion when Tony puts on a jacket AND a tie.


I would have eaten that saucisson filling by itself. I would have said screw the casing - just throw that meat in the pan and let me eat it!


Daniel's dad was hilarious. My husband's grandfather was the same way - no need to throw out that old washing machine. I can do something else with it! Let me just rejigger this and add that and voila!

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