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Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench

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Not ep specific observation:  Is it not in a crook's interests to maintain a low profile?  I totally get that Malvo does.not.care.  But, what about the Fargo hit men?  They most publicly took on that jerk in the titty bar.  When said jerk comes up missing, any doubt that the fringe jacket dude would be remembered by most in that bar?

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I think maybe they run everything closer to Fargo, so stuff like that doesn't really matter; everyone would be too afraid to talk against them. Here, though, I could definitely see exactly that kind of behavior being what gets the competent subset of the police after them.

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I know I'm late to the party but I just binge watched S1 so I could watch S2 (even though I know they weren't sequential, I'm neurotic like that). I didn't realize that Russell Harvard is actually deaf. He is SO amazing in this role! I love the relationship with him and Adam Goldberg and the quirky things about his personality that we find out, like he thinks every town should have a library, that Mormons like to watch each other eat. He's truly incredible. And his last scenes with Molly and BBT -- wow. Wow. 


I also didn't know he played the older son in There Will Be Blood. This guy is great at playing the heartbreak with just his facial expressions. I think he lives in NYC and does theater. I might try to catch him in a play one day. I have such respect that he has such a great resume of acting playing deaf roles. 

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