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S06.E01-02: Wake Up / Escape From the Citadel

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Wake Up:

In order to find Finn's father, Finn and Jake must commit a cosmic crime...unless the Lich beats them to it.

Prismo! I like that dude; always happy to see more Kumail Nanjiani. Too bad I guess he's dead? Oops.

Peppermint Butler just chilling and taking selfies with Death is great.

Also: the bit where Jake asks Clockface what time it is, and he checks his watch and says a completely different time than what's on his head, is genius.

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Escape From the Citadel:

Finn and Jake follow the Lich to the Citadel, where Finn meets his long lost dad. But just how far does the apple fall from the tree?

He finally lost his hand in this reality, too! Will the flower grow up into a hand-sword or just stay a flower?

I guess it was inevitable that Finn's dad would be a jerk.

The Lich was actually pretty creepy, until he turned into a giant baby. But poor Mr. Pig and Treetrunks, staying together for a kid that's not even their own.

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My favorite thing about these episodes was the Lich baby—I was not expecting him to transform into something cuddly at all! But I've never been a Tree Trunks fan, so I'm a little iffy about where the Lich ended up.

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Wow, what a reveal about Prismo! It was sad to see him killed by The Lich.


And several hours later, I realize the significance of the title...


I wonder what Martin did to be taken to The Citadel?

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