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Book Spoilers

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In general, book talk is not allowed in the TV episodes of a show unless the episode is tagged Book Talk. We keep the book discussion outside of the episodes. Episode threads should only discuss what it is in the episodes and other previous events if necessary. If you want to discuss book talk, please do so in the Book Talk thread. If you have a question about the book, there is Question for Book Readers thread.

If posts have book talked, they will be moved or deleted. Please report posts as book talk can spoil TV information. Thank you.

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43 minutes ago, Atlanta said:

Do we need to use spoiler tags?

If you are in the book talk thread or one with the Book Talk tag, you do not need to use spoiler tags.

If absolutely necessary, you may use spoiler tags in non-book talk threads (e.g. Media).

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Big Little Lies is back tonight! So just a reminder - the episode topics are for discussion of the episodes. Please take any discussion of the book to the Big Little Book Talk topic. Posts may be removed without notice if they do not follow the guidelines. Thank you, and enjoy!

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