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Whose Line Is It Anyway Offshoots

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This is the place to discuss shows that spun out of Whose Line, with very similar games, etc.  Improvaganza and Trust Us With Your Life are the two I can think of right now.

I really liked Improvaganza for the most part, but do wish it had been edited a bit differently.  There seemed to be equal commercial time to show time.  And some of the games went too long.  But I did love being introduced to some "new" (to me) people like Jonathan Mangum.

I also really liked Trust Us With Your Life. That's where I first saw Sideways Scene and I thought it was better there than it has been in the current Whose Line.  I also really liked the mime a song bit, especially when Ricky Gervais was cracking up and asking if this was a real show.

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My area just recently got LAFF, an ABC-owned netlet that shows sitcoms and comedy movies. On Saturdays, there are episodes of Improv-A-Ganza ( that I watch before Hannibal episodes. )


I have enjoyed the presence of Chip Esten and Heather Anne Campbell and Kathy Kinney, as well as the usual gang.  I also have enjoyed the different games, like Options, that haven't been played on Whose Line.


As much as I love Laura and Linda on WLIIA, I am warming to Bob on IAG. He's fun, too.

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There are a ton of episodes of Britain's "Mock the Week" available on YouTube. It's mostly a political satire show, which may be hit-or-miss to Statesiders, but the final act is always "Scenes We'd Like To See", which is an extended run of "Scenes From a Hat" and is always a scream. The mid-show stand-up challenge is also usually great.


It's produced by the same folk who created WL.

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