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S18.E09: Accidental Courtesy

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The story of R&B-blues musician Daryl Davis' unusual hobby: meeting and befriending KKK and neo-Nazi members, many of whom have never before met a black person, in an attempt to sway them away from their racist views. The documentary accompanies him on a journey across America in which he meets with former and current members of the Klan, neo-Nazis and Black Lives Matter activists who dismiss his effort as a waste of time.

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I so enjoyed this episode. Very moving for me.

I can't agree with the idea by any of the groups that Mr. Davis' work is a waste of time. To me, if a handful of people can change their views, that is a handful of people who can spread that message to others and no longer spreading the message of hate, racism, ignorance, and violence.

There was s similar short documentary a week later on PBS about a black woman who had befriended a member of the KKK in her area. That was also very moving. It moves me when I watch documentaries about people who have made a complete 180 turn in their lives and their views. It gives me so much hope.

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