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Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Trump's Latest Lies And Border Wall Humiliation

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The problem is, many of his party in Congress, like spineless Ryan, and handlers don't care that this egotistical, narcissistic baffoon is lying and exxagerating through his ass. They don't care that he's "not presidential" or embarrassing himself or us.

 All they care about is whether certain policies get implemented (like repealing ACA, various social policies, cutting welfare/taxes).  So far, trump is signing everything put in front of him. trump is just a puppet head, doing what he's being told.  he doesn't care about reading the executive orders or back up documentation to support what he's being told, he just believes whatever he's told by the others like the whole voter fraud crap.   Interesting that I've been hearing about a voter in Iowa who voted for trump twice, and that two of his staff were registered to vote in two states (Bannon and Ivanka's husband).  

I'm waiting to see how people really like it if/when Congress approves his boarder wall and Americans have to pay for it.  

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