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S03.E10: Ruby Rose vs. Milla Jovovich

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Watching the ep now. A strong start from both of them, and much better than some of the recent shows. (Some of the recent ones were just painful)

Ruby doing Bitch was great. She lost track of the sync occasionally but her dance was strong and she got back on track quickly.

Milla's song didn't grab me since I don't care for that type of music; but she kept the sync up with the movements.

Second songs, White Wedding was good. Milla wasn't really as expressive as she might have been, but she picked up later in the song, and the set and costumes were lots of fun.

Ruby stepped it up a notch for all contestants with the silks entrance and the sling acrobatics mid song. She's good at moving and syncing again; not quite as expressive as other contestants; but good.


All in all, the battle was a good one. It's great when the contestants are friends and have good chemistry. Milla put on a good show, but Ruby stole the show (and was robbed IMO). Still, both were among the better contestants we've seen, so I can't complain too much about it. 

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