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Choose Their Adventure: Where Do You Think Your Favs Ended Up?

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Degrassi dropped the ball on a lot of endings.  What do you think happened to some characters later in life?  

I like to think Toby and Wesley met up and own a robotics lab.  They make bank and have beautiful love interests.  Dave went to Berkeley where he studies law, specifically to become a civil rights lawyer.  Jake went to UCLA.  He surfs and gets high.  He's happy.  Upon learning Emma married Spinner, Sean took a long hard look at his life and reconnected with Ellie.  

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My thoughts on the original cast...

I think Jay & Manny got married about a year after Spinner & Emma and have a baby. She's still an actress but hasn't had mega success with it, mainly doing guest starring roles on TV and stuff like that hoping to land a show of her own. Jay decided to go back and get his high school diploma and him and Sean own a auto shop together.

Jimmy's in New York with Trina still. He's not really in touch with anyone from high school anymore except Spinner.

Paige became a single mom from a short-term fling and the father isn't in the picture. Doing something with fashion.

Marco's an elementary school teacher who hopes to one day teach at Degrassi.

Craig's still a successful musician on the road and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Ellie's a journalist and even though she's still single has moved on from her crush on Craig. She's reconnected with Sean friendship wise and there's hopes of them getting back together.

Ashley has toured with Craig a couple of times but is still trying to get her big break in the music industry. Still in London.

Alex eventually got back on her feet but never went to college and is working at a diner similar to The Dot.

Toby met someone in university and they live together. He does something with computers.

The show pretty much told us in the reunion ep where Spinner, Emma, and Liberty are right now except we don't really know what Emma's career is. It's pretty much where I thought they would be.

Terri's probably a model and Hazel probably went to a university but I don't have any ideas on what career path she would've taken.

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Hazel owns her own successful fashion you tube channel.   Riley is now an in the closet football player in college.   He sleeps with a closeted senator.  Zane is a coach with a great life.  Drew is thriving in college.   He has a few girlfriends and belongs to a frat.  Bianca is getting her masters in social work.  

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Craig branched out from his music into a starring role in a Broadway musical because of course he does.

Darcy went to Los Angeles to film a critically panned t.v. series reboot of a beloved teen drama from the early 90's which somehow managed to last 5 years. She now stars in Hallmark movies because people realized her acting kind of stunk.

Emma's probably a career vegan activist. Maybe she and Spinner run a vegan cafe?

On 1/12/2017 at 1:03 PM, Chairperson Meow said:

Riley is now an in the closet football player in college.

It's really fucking sad to think that there's still been very little headway on this topic. Michael Sam and then it stops right there.

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