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  1. love21

    TFOL in the media

    I second this. As long as the new group isnt the old gang 2.0 Id love to see what issues the show tackles 30 years later.
  2. love21

    Jesse Katsopolis: Have Mercy

    Yeah I agree. A kid around Jackson/Ramona's age could've fit well into the series too.
  3. A thread to talk about all things Joey. How's everyone liking his character in the revival?
  4. love21

    Jesse Katsopolis: Have Mercy

    Would you guys rather have Jesse/Becky had more children during the gap years between the 2 series or were you happy seeing them wait and adopt?
  5. I think the best way to keep Michelle alive on screen in Fuller House would be just to throw an occasional life update every now and then. Like if D.J. were to say "Hey Steph, did you know Michelle -fill in the blank-?". Or something along those lines. I'd rather see Michelle references be used toward that rather than the 4th wall stuff.
  6. My thoughts on the original cast... I think Jay & Manny got married about a year after Spinner & Emma and have a baby. She's still an actress but hasn't had mega success with it, mainly doing guest starring roles on TV and stuff like that hoping to land a show of her own. Jay decided to go back and get his high school diploma and him and Sean own a auto shop together. Jimmy's in New York with Trina still. He's not really in touch with anyone from high school anymore except Spinner. Paige became a single mom from a short-term fling and the father isn't in the picture. Doing something with fashion. Marco's an elementary school teacher who hopes to one day teach at Degrassi. Craig's still a successful musician on the road and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Ellie's a journalist and even though she's still single has moved on from her crush on Craig. She's reconnected with Sean friendship wise and there's hopes of them getting back together. Ashley has toured with Craig a couple of times but is still trying to get her big break in the music industry. Still in London. Alex eventually got back on her feet but never went to college and is working at a diner similar to The Dot. Toby met someone in university and they live together. He does something with computers. The show pretty much told us in the reunion ep where Spinner, Emma, and Liberty are right now except we don't really know what Emma's career is. It's pretty much where I thought they would be. Terri's probably a model and Hazel probably went to a university but I don't have any ideas on what career path she would've taken.
  7. Wesley and Dave were the worst I think, because they were characters the writers actually took the time to develop, give a number of storylines to, and then they just disappeared without a word. Dave was even at Adam's funeral and they didn't bother to throw in a line about where he would be that year. Ashley wasn't the worst but I feel like she should be mentioned because I thought her ending sucked too. Going on tour with Craig would've been a good ending for her if she weren't this close from graduating Degrassi. It just felt like they were getting her out of the way to do the Jimmy/Trina storyline.
  8. love21

    7th Heaven

    Agreed that's one of my biggest complaints about season 11 for the most part that Ruthie's entire story line once she was home from Scotland was pretty much about her relationship with T-Bone and to a lesser extent Martin. Her attitude kind of sucked at times too, like her reaction to Eric wanting her to come home or her thinking T-Bone should be the one to pay for her tattoo removal. I haven't seen the tattoo episode in a long time but I don't think T-Bone told her to get it so I didn't get where that logic came from.
  9. Around 18/19 I think. She had graduated Eastland the season before.
  10. Recently I watched the first Beverly Ann w/ out Mrs. Garrett episode which was Tootie considering sleeping with a boyfriend she had gotten serious with (not the Jeff one but some other guy). I think they probably should've developed more of a relationship between her and the girls first before that one. It would've made more sense why she was freaking out so much about it, to the point of flushing the flowers the guy got Tootie down the toilet, while the other girls were pretty much calm when they realized what was going on. Would've been a great Mrs. Garrett episode though had they done it the year before. Does anyone remember if they mentioned if the girls had met Beverly Ann previously off screen before, or if when she showed up for Mrs. G's wedding was the first time they met? I should probably go back and rewatch Mrs. G's departure ep and find out.
  11. If I were going by my favorite characters alone my group would be Blair, Jo, Natalie & Sue Ann, so basically the only one who would've not stuck around would've been Tootie... but I also think that would've been a weird group as well as because I don't know who Natalie's best friend would've been. Oh well, I love Tootie but it's fun to think about how things could've been different anyway.
  12. love21

    S02.E17: Girl Meets Rileytown

    I was slightly disappointed that Cory/Topanga didn't really step in because Maya told them not to. The gang could have still been the ones to help Riley though it in the end, but I felt like the episode could have used a scene where they had a moment with her privately. Also I agree with the posts where people had a problem with Maya refusing to stop saying Rileytown. That bugged me throughout the episode too. But really I loved this episode and it's still my favorite one of the series so far. I just had those thoughts after rewatching it again.
  13. love21

    Best and Worst of Degrassi

    As far as couples go my list would be: Best- Eli/Clare (before Eli graduated), Spinner/Jane, Paige/Alex, Jay/Manny, Drew/Bianca, Peter/Darcy, Craig/Ashley, Zig/Maya, JT/Liberty, Sean/Ellie, Sean/Emma, Jimmy/Hazel, KC/Jenna, Johnny/Alli & Dave/Alli Worst- Drew/Becky, Jake/Clare, Imogen/Jack, Eli/Imogen, Anya/Dr. Chris, Sav/Ms. Oh, Drew/Katie, Miles/Maya
  14. I 100% agree about Clare's class. At that point it seemed like they were just throwing issues at Clare to keep her busy until it was her time to graduate, and then they paired Drew/Becky together to keep Drew busy. I was so ready for them to graduate by that point so that way the focus could go towards the newer kids and I felt like this new season has been a lot better than seasons 13 and 14.
  15. Thanks for posting that! I'm glad to hear that the episode you saw taped was good. More guest starring news... Maks and Val from Dancing With The Stars are guest starring as D.J. and Stephanie's love interests.