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S14.E14: Week 7

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1 hour ago, Occasional Hope said:

I think Laura's in serious trouble this week.  She looked clompy and uncomfortable, was well down the leader board, and doesn't seem to have a significant fan base.

You could see the toll of that ankle injury. Giovanni was dancing up and down and all around to try to hide it. That may give her a shot, if viewers remember, although the only person I could see her outlasting in a DO might be Daisy (unless Greg, Ed or Rinder are there and they want rid while they can).

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Anyway, I thought tonight was probably the best show of this series - lots of decent dances, not one bad dance. There also weren't really any great dances, but I've given up on those so I'm not bothered. 

Danny and Oti - It was nice to see their partnership and to see a jive that didn't involve the female partner running around showcasing herself while the man kicked and kicked and kicked in place. For that reason alone I'd put this above Ore/Joanne's jive. I wish this had had more flow - having him stop in the middle to do tricks spoilt that. There also wasn't much of a "wow" factor for me, although realistically that isn't ever going to happen with Danny. The hair-slick was triggering as it reminded me of Andre last year. Way too many Andre-esque jives this series.

Ore and Joanne - Ore was trying his best, but while he puts on a performance and is a capable dancer, he's also incredibly awkward, and this dance put a cruel spotlight on that. Beyond his awkwardness in the movements, and the lack of hips, the lifts were either sloppy, labored, or both. He and Joanne also continue to have no real chemistry. 

Louise and Kevin - Another that was watchable and polished but no "wow." As the last half started I could feel her hesitancy, as happens over and over with Louise. The show had everything going for her, from lighting, to costumes, to music. There's just no there there. 

Claudia and AJ - The opposite of Louise in that yet again the music and costumes were juvenile and distracting, yet Claudia was trying her best and sheer work ethic and her chemistry with AJ almost salvaged it. At first I didn't even know if they were dancing paso but they got much better in the last half. 

Daisy and Aljaz - Those trousers on him were sublime. This was a sweet, nice dance, one that suited her eternal hesitancy. She and Aljaz were lovely together. A little moment that made me smile. I don't know any spoilers but I feel like this would be the ideal dance for her to say goodbye on. 

Rinder and Oksana - He kept his mouth closed most of the time - good for him. I'm glad he went for a no-frills, no-flash dance, which he did a decent job with, aside from sloppiness and an awkwardness at the end that suggested he needed a bathroom break. Yet I can't help feeling this may have been forgettable enough to hit the bottom two. 

Ed and Katya - This might have been a really good dance if they had actually danced, rather than having 25 seconds of comedy, followed by a bit of QS, followed by another lengthy break for Katya's Comedy Pratfalls. Katya is naturally funnier than any of the "comedy" acts this series, she has a real future in slapstick if she wants it, but where was the dancing? I feel like this sort of let Ed down, oddly enough. 

Greg and Natalie - I didn't mind his facial expressions in this the way some did. I was more distracted by the beginning and end, which were so cloying and made the fairly decent dancing in-between seem tacked on. Natalie and Greg have wonderful chemistry, something sorely lacking elsewhere, and this dance was just the latest example. I could see this being another bottom 2 contender, although I'd rather he stay over Ore, Daisy, or Rinder at the very least. 

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