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Daring New Viewers of Supergirl: Notes From The Mods

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You've all been a decent bunch, and we haven't had an urgent need to post a "rules" thread.  But, if we need to make any general announcements we'll do it here, and we're leaving this thread unlocked so, if you want to ask us something, you can do so here as well.  Also, you should all feel free to PM either or both of us if that's your preferred method.

- @MarkHB and @The Crazed Spruce, Co-Mods

P.S., the thread title comes from her 80's letters column in the 80's, "Daring New Readers of Supergirl".  It was either that or the original one from her run in Adventure Comics, "Super Fe-Mail".

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Since there is a lot of interest in discussing the potential Batwoman series, please direct conversation to this topic, located in Everything Else TV; Pilot Season and Shows in Development

This show has not been picked up to series yet, so there is no forum. When and if the CW picks it up, the forum can be requested then.

Further news on the discussion of the winter crossover will be coming, but for now, posts in the Supergirl forum should focus on the Supergirl characters; posts that are about characters on other shows are subject to removal and repeated offenses may result in other actions.

For your convenience;

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Introducing the new crossover thread!  

The Legends of Tomorrow Forum has volunteered to host the thread.  We know they're not slated to be a part of the upcoming crossover episodes but they did volunteer to host.  We took them up on the offer before they could come to their senses. 

The crossover thread is the place where you can discuss anything and everything that is specifically related to the crossover episodes;  yet, this is NOT a Mind Your Surroundings replacement.  So what does that mean?

Post here & there:  What a Supergirl character might or will do on the crossover episodes. 
Post only there: What a character from another show, might do or will do in the crossover episodes. 
Post only here:  Talk about a Supergirl character, who might appear on the crossover episodes, but the talk is about what they're doing on Supergirl
Neither here nor there: Talking about things characters are doing that aren't happening in the crossover episodes or on Supergirl

Have fun posting over there! 

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We're watching a show where aliens can fly, turn invisible, shapeshift, ransack people's minds, and turn sunlight into invulnerable skin and laser eyes. Please accept that their science does not match our science and move on, for the good of humanity here and on Earth 38.  Particularly as regards Nia, I'll direct you all to the GLAAD language guidelines (this site's preferred guide in this area) and ask you to remember that your words may have far more effect on your fellow posters than they ever will on Nia, Kara and Alex.

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