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Who do you think will win?

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Ariel's been getting the most traditional winner's edit.


The guessing game here is if this is a season where they edited it to cloak the winner, or didn't. They've done both in the past. Then again, it's been a few years since they actually had THREE people at the end who could all kind of actually do the job. 

Arguably Kristin's COULD have been getting a potential stealth-winner edit.  If Ariel's edit is misleading, I mean.


Of the three I'd say Ashley is the least likely. The edit, what little we got of her, was as Jared's cohort/non-romance/wingwoman/whatever. You'd think they'd have had more to say about her if there HAD been that much more. She's at least a decent cook though, so her winning is at least possible, if least likely.  Not so much on the leadership though, I think.

I will say, although all are decent cooks, none of them seems especially inspired or creative. They have the makings of good workmanlike chefs, but nobody on this season is going to be running any truly top shelf restaurant... probably ever. Then again, Ramsay doesn't need creativity in his underlings, does he?  Just consistency. 

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^^ Julia (I believe) posted a link to an interview with GR where he specifically says he wouldn't work with anyone from HK and I think he either referred to them all as assholes or donkeys.  I'm not sure if he was required to give a few winners actual positions just to prove the contest was real, but I feel like the quality of chef on HK is such a far cry from the level of GR's restaurants.


Either way, I think its between Ariel/Kristin.....with it more likely being Ariel.

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