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Favorite and Least Favorite Model(s) of Each Season

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Who were your favorite & least favorite models, judges, and photographers of each cycle that you watched.



1. Adrienne & Kesse

2. April, Mercedes, & Sarah

3. Eva, Noelle, & Toccara

4. Kahlen

5. Nik

6. Danielle & Joanie

7. AJ (until she sabotaged herself)

8. Jael (the way she shut down Renee in that episode with 50 Cent was just awesome)

9. Jenah & Heather

10. Katarzyna & Anya

11. Analeigh

12. Allison & London

13. Nicole

14. Jessica

16. Jackie, Hannah, & Brittani

22. Nyle & Dustin (for obvious reasons)



Least Favorites

1. Robin (hypocritical and judgmental), Ebony (so damn loud and confrontational), Giselle (whiny ass & always fishing for compliments)


2.  Catie (crybaby)


3. Yaya (uppity attitude), Amanda (bitch and blabbing Cassie's secret & accusing Eva of stealing w/no proof)


4. Brandy (shitty attitude), Keenyah (once they were overseas she became annoying especially over Nelson Mandela prison cell thing), Rebecca (how she acted on that reward challenge where she won shoes), Norelle (bitch, and stirred up drama about Michelle's impetigo and basically told the world that she can't control her child)


5. Nicole (whiny), Kim (annoying), Jayla (bitch), Lisa (attention whore & pissed in diaper)


6. Nnenna's Boyfriend John


7. Megan (always rock and roll), Jaeda (bitched about her hair too much), Monique (always fought with her fluids, "marking" her territory, sticking her hand up her towel and putting it in Melrose's face, & rubbing her panties on Melrose's bed basically telling the world she has a smelly dirty vagina)


8. Renee (bitch), Sarah (annoying & didn't credit Dionne in helping her win a challenge)


9. Saleisha (fake ass "bubbly" personality that no doubt Tyra told her to act that way), Lisa (good model but cried too much for my taste), Bianca (bitch)


10. Whitney (stuck up fake attitude), Claire (bitch), Allison (spoiled brat)


11. Elina & Marjorie (I'm European so gives me a pass to act shitty & nervous), Sharaun (fake), Clark (cocky bitch)


12. Tahlia (wanting to quit, but wants to stay as soon as she gets a good picture and praised), Sandra (bitch)


13. Ashley (talked about people), Lulu (Ashley's sidekick), Kara (bitch), Brittany (annoying) 


14. Angelea (that club walk at panel), Ren (complaining whiny ass), Anslee (bitch), Brenda (annoying)


16. Alexandra (annoying know-it-all bitch)


22. Mikey, Hadassah, Devin, Bello (just horrible ass people)


Favorite Judge: Nigel Barker & Janice Dickinson


Worst Judge: Tyra Banks (C6 and onwards), Kelly Cutrone, & Eric Nicholson (C2, he sounded like he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. When they did a celebrity photoshoot and when April's photo showed up he guessed Christina Aguilera, what an idiot only lasted one season and I see why)


Favorite Photographer: Mike Rosenthal


Worst Photographer: Erik Asla


Favorite Photoshoot: Adam & Eve photoshoot (C2, it was beautiful shoot without being sleazy)


Worst Photoshoot: Where Asla is the photographer.

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I don't remember all of the cycles, but I just re-watched cycle 1. I totally agree about Robin! She was absolutely awful. Such a hypocritical Bible-thumber.  I think most of her religious act was done for the sake of the cameras. 


My favorite from cycle 1 was Elyse. I understand why she didn't win (she looked too much like a real working model, and Tyra wanted someone that completely broke the mold) but the fact that she's gotten so much work since then speaks volumes about Tyra's lack of competence in picking a real winner. 

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Tyra never picks the right winner because she hasn't produced a top model. Eugena from C7 has become a very succesful model along with Mollie Sue. Tyra doesn't know much of anything. She picks models that will possibly mimick her career and do it like she did, but Tyra fails to realize that what worked for her isn't going to necessarily work for someone else.

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Favorites of cycles

c1.) No one was really likeable to me

c2.) shandi yoanna

c3.) norelle

c4.) ehh rebecca i guess

c5.) Nik

c6.) Joanie

c7.) twinzees, caridee, aj and megg ROCK AND ROLL <3

c8.) Natasha i guess

c9.) heather

c10.) anya

c11.) Elina and Analeigh

c12.) london

c13.) nicole rae brittany laura the true top 4

c14.) simone lol

c15.) kayla ann chris jane

didn't watch


least favorites of cycles

1.) ehh indifferent

2.)catie jenscica (what ever her name is)

3.) amanda,yaya,ann

4.) keenyah

5.)jayla nicole kim

6.) gina brooke

7.) monique melrose jaeda

8.) renee dionne

9.) bianca

10.) lauren claire allison k

11.) sharaun nikeysha clark laurenbrie sheena sam (cycle of close minded bitches)

12.) celia natalie sandra

13.) ashley lulu kara erin

14.) everyone...?

15.) lexie liz terra anamaria

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