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S07.E01: President Barack Obama: Just Tell Him You’re the President

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Well. I didn't expect it to be good so wasn't disappointed. I guess we did find out that Obama shaves before his morning workouts and that all his underwear is the same color.


I wondered how Jerry was going to go out for coffee with the Secret Service tagging along, but should have known better. I did get a quiet chuckle out of Obama telling Jerry to throw his half-eaten apple into the non-Presidential trashcan. Hey, that shit will start to smell.


Not sure whose idea this was but I hope Jerry isn't going to make a habit of it -- stick with the other comedians, dude!


I've watched all the episodes and single shots multiple times, but will be skipping this one.

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I liked it, especially the Larry David sunscreen story, Jerry couch-slouching in the Oval Office, and the attempts to get the car out of the White House gate (the guard did a good job) which, of course, was never going to happen. And I really liked the tag - "He's going to be hiding in the bushes?  Well, don't shoot Jerry Seinfeld!"


But then I've enjoyed Obama at the various White House Correspondents dinners; he's been quite funny at those. 


Even though it's his second term there's still a full year left in his Presidency.  I guess it's way too soon for POTUS to be just Barry again. 

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