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The Great Criminal Minds Rewatch

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Is anyone up for a rewatch? *looks around hopefully* We can snark, we can gush, we can have deep conversations about what the show reveals about human nature or (just as importantly) passionately debate at which length Reid's hair looks best. 

We can start over the summer or in the nearer future. We can watch chronologically, have every participant choose a bunch of his or her favorites, and/or watch according to themes of our choice. (Examples of themes:  Character-centric episodes (all Reid-centric episodes, all Hotch-centric episodes, etc.); episodes in which the Unsub is a child or teen; episodes in which a team member's life is in jeopardy; etc.) We can watch just one or two episodes per week or shoot for 3-4. 

What sounds most appealing to you guys?! 

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I already rewatch a bunch per week, and currently am participating in the Firefly rewatch, so sadly I may have to bow out of this, but may have time to jump in on occasion, especially if you all do it later in the summer. 

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I'm fine waiting until later in the summer, Willowy, if it means that you can join us! I need you to point out instances where JJ is a better character than I think she is :) 

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Okay, so now that summer is (well, kind of, sort of, almost) here, I'm resurrecting this thread in hopes that more people might want to do a really casual rewatch! As mentioned in above posts, watching every episode or even most episodes is way too ambitious, so maybe posters can just nominate a handful of favorites and/or a few themes (e.g. episodes in which the Unsubs are kids or teens, favorite Character X episodes, episodes in which a team member is in peril, etc.), etc.  We can do watch and chat about one or two episodes per week. Is anyone up for it?! 

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I'm in! I nominate two Reidisodes as my contribution:


Elephant's Memory

The Uncanny Valley


I haven't watched either of them in at least a week so I'm starting to miss them! ;)

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