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S09.E19: The Turn in the Urn


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When Todd, a wealthy artifact collector, walks into his own funeral, the Jeffersonian team must find out to whom the cremated remains at the funeral belong. The investigation gets complicated when the team determines that there are three sets of remains in the urn. Meanwhile, Finn enjoys his newfound wealth from his hot sauce venture with Hodgins, but is heartbroken when Michelle has devastating news for him.
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I thought this was a pretty good episode. The culprit must have been very predictable because even I figured it out early on and I almost never do. As soon as Rich Guy confessed it was obvious. Still, I thought the story was interesting with the artifacts. I wish they had gone even deeper with the smuggling. The episode was low on gimmicks (except for Showing Up To Your Own Funeral.)

And poor Finn, what a sweetheart. 

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Just getting caught up on these on HULU.

The funeral was a strange site. First Booth wanted to watch the Flyers game. Then Mrs. Drina Mirga(deceased's mother) calling all the women at the funeral whores. And Booth stopping her. Brennen tried to explain and she still didn't like her.

Then son Todd walks in. This one would not be soon forgotten. Nice to see Finn Abernathy back. They found 3 sets of remains in the ashes??!

Daniel Barr was one of dead and he was a Lifestyle Manager. It was funny Booth said he was his own Lifestyle Manager. Anthony Shelton was black listed. he was 2nd remains. They found a Narwhal Tusk piece also. A piece of the Slaughters Chalice. Barr was shot with a 1911 gun also. But Sarah Metzler(GF) did it and was caught by her diamond nail polish. Just wow!

Booth hates the rich but between him and Brennen they have to be rich.

Hodge's borrowing the picture tube form Archie Bunkers Tv was funny to do his experiment. Cam was not amused.

Booth getting his picture with the cup was funny. All the Security Guards rush in, he flashes his badge. But wouldn't he still have to talk to someone about it? But it was funny.

I figured Finn was in trouble when Michelle hemmed and hawed at their first meeting. She had a new bf at College. He did take it real well, and he knew he had been neglecting her. Cam didn't seem to surprised. Maybe Michelle had discussed it before?

I am glad his BBQ sauce is selling well. "Opie and Thurston", cute!

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