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S10.E03: Verne Troyer

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I liked the song Wayne made up about him, and he was a good sport being a prop for Living Scenery.

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This is the one where Wayne did a rap for the Song Style, right?  He was very impressive; I never realized Wayne could rap that well.

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The introductions were: Wayne--All-American, Nyima--All woman, Colin--All talk, and Ryan-- Alright since his surgery.

Games that were played: Let's Make A Date, Sound Effects, Song Style, Props, and Living Scenery.


The song's style was as a Hip Hop video, though, Wayne was rapping in my book. The two aren't exclusive. It was a fun flow if you listened.

We had audience members Mags and Marty assist with Sound Effects. The scenario for this episode was Ryan was a dentist and Colin the flirty assistant. They were working on a patient until they had to flee to safety from robots from the future. It's where the amazing megaphone with different dialects appeared.


For Living Scenery, everyone participated, which doesn't happen much.


For Let's Make A Date, this is the episode with Nyima telling the guys, "Bachelors? Keep lookin'."  Colin and Aisha had some fun back-and-forth during this game also.


A very solid episode!

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